Banned Club

First I want to say that I’m only doing this if it’s okay, I don’t want to get even more banned.

So I’m really really sad that I’m banned and I bet everyone else who is is also sad about it. So it would make me feel a lot better if I can open this club (you don’t have to be banned to get in, only to be a little bit of a troublemaker maybe :wink:) just kidding.

So (if it isn’t counted advertising. If a staff member could reply and tell me that would be great) we should open a discord group for the club! (Cause sadly we get banned from knockturn discord too, in case you were never banned) And PLEASE PLEASE don’t say that I’m now permanently-no-matter-what banned or something bc I did say that this is only happening if its allowed. I’ll wait for a staff member to reply.

I really hope it’s allowed because the comunity in knockturn is one of the best parts, I don’t wanna lose it along with the server itself :cry:

love you all :heart:

If this is just a load of dragon dung and Clubs don’t even work that way than sry, Idk how clubs work. Still I want to do this, if I could get permission, which is probably unlikely I guess. :cry:

You’ve been banned off the server, you cannot create a club for people who have been banned from the server bc clubs are for people on the server…

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Oh well, I didn’t think I’d be able to. Ty anyway :slight_smile: