Bnha 2.0 rp

So, This has been a long time coming lmao.

For those of you who have been living under a Stone or something along those lines, BNHA aka Boku no hero academia Is a popular anime that has been rising to the top, Just look it up :smiley: It includes Quirks aka a special manipulation in the human body’s gene that has added new abilities.

e.g. = Body hardening - Hardens the body to be as strong as metal or something

( If you want a triple or double quirk, Msg me. )


This RP is a different type, It involves a sort of HP touch to it, but not really. Here it is:
500 Students Have Joined together, Each with a different ability, The School has a simple system…
They have ranks deciding strength:
King / Queen
And Noble.

Others are considered Peasants with different :star: as their Defining strength.
The School has 5 “Houses”:
And Cowredness
Each house’s name Does NOT Identify the people in there, Those are just names.

Here is the Character Format:

  • RP Name & Surname:
  • RP Age
  • RP Quirk ( If you wish to have a BNHA Quirk, MSG me.):
  • RP Rank: ( Noble+ Must be requested )
  • Personality:
  • Looks:
  • Specialty ( What you specialize in, Whether it be Offense or defense, Trickery, assassination. etc.):
  • House:

<3 RP Can start when we have 5 or more people. owo.

RP Starts In Arriving at school, 90% arrive via helicopter, the other 10% sea. I don’t mind how you arrive.

MAX AGE = 19

  • Name: Lance Erkdoil
  • Age: 17
  • Quirk: Overpower
  • Rank: Prince
  • Personality: Cold, Distant… Not very talkative. His Parents are a household in the SH Union ( Superhero union, the people who made this school ) So he’s Strong. If he opens up to you, You’ll get a fun friend… But he usually doesn’t.
  • Looks: He’s Blonde, With His hair covering his Left eye and some of it painted white ( Shouto style ), Most of his Body is Tanned, But his palms are very pale, He wears all white Tux and jeans, With a Black tie, His Eyes are Black.
  • Specialty: Offense & Speed
  • House: Bloody

Speical; Quirk Type: N/A
(Add Quirk types to your quirk owo, It adds to the RP)

(Thinking about joining, thinking for now)

(Yes! I love BNHA! I haven’t gotten to watch a ton of it, but the bit I have seen was awesome. I like the twist on it too xD)
Name: Quintin Strange
Age: 17
Quirk: Perfect Sense
Rank: Noble
Personality: Quintin is very attentive, preferring to analyze and assess before making a plan. He’s very level headed and works well under pressure. However, when at his limits he can get frustrated when not about to do something he should be able to.
Looks: Quintin is tall, 6’ 3”. He has curly brown hair and hazel brown eyes. He is pretty muscular as he mostly has to rely on his natural strength because of the nature of his quirk.
Specialty: Defense and control over battle.
House: Lovely
Quirk Type: I guess it counts as transformation? I can explain if needed.

Name: Cerulean Fleuve
Age: 17
Quirk: Ability to manipulate water to create creatures(real or fictional) to join her in battle and heal with her tears.
Rank: Novle
Personality: Mellow, kind, adaptable.
Looks: Cerulean has pale, light blue skin with sapphire colored eyes and white hair. She stands at 5’6" with a very thin body type.
Specialty: Battle strategy and support.
House: Lovely

RP Name: Martin Teracc
Age: 17
Quirk: (Mostly Air) Pressure : Able to not only control pressure, but if raises a certain amount of it on one certain spot, can create an explosion.
Rank: Royal
Personality: His anima, or what he shows, is being very calm, cool and collected. He can have no expressions for the whole day. Though, when with close friends, he is more talkative, sarcastic and humorous. If he is suddenly being pushed to be a follower or underestimated, he can be frustrated.
Looks: Martin has short, slightly curly/wavy chestnut hair with already visible grey streaks. He has light green eyes, mixed with blues. He stands at 6’1, pale. He is slim, with a slight muscle build. He normally wears a dark red hoodie or a red or black polo short sleeved shirt with black jeans.
Specialty: Assassination, offense.
House: Bloody
Quirk Type: Emmit I believe?

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(oh whats up dude also i haven’t started watching BnHA yet so I can’t participate sorry :< )

(Appreciate the offer but ima pass on this one, I currently would like to maintain the one I am currently in, as well as, don’t hate, but I am not into Anime \o/)

(ANIME HATER! BOO lol jk tis ok! But It’s not BHNA. @CharaCterTripp this is just based around Bnha you don’t need to watch it.)

(Same here, just seems like a comination of My Hero Academia/Unordinary :P)

IT IS lol)

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(One of my all time favorite animes)

  • RP Name & Surname: sona rento.
  • RP Age 16
  • RP Quirk ( If you wish to have a BNHA Quirk, MSG me.): yin yang
  • RP Rank: Nobel
  • Personality: at times she’s really happy and energetic, at others she’s kinda negative and dark.
  • Looks: long black hair but her hair turns white when she’s uses her powers. Her skin also turns pure black and her eyes glow white and her clother turn pure white… Normally though she wears a tanktop with a. Jacket and some jeans.
  • Specialty offense and a bit of trickery
  • House: bloody
    Quirk type: um, I guess it’s kinda of just a offense type. If ya need me to explain just dm me.

(May we start?)

No ._. You may not

(@FayreBrys hewwo?)

Ye? Sure we can start )

Quintin stands up, looking out the helicopter door as they flew over UA. He smiled, just thinking about the time he’d spend here.

Sona sat on top of a boat as it sailed to the academy. She had headphones in her ears listening to music as her legs dangled off the top of the ship.
“Almost time”
Her eyes went white for a second
“To stsrt this horrible trip”
They turn normal
“I mean awesome trip.”