Book club/society!

Are you interested in books? Or maybe you want to get into reading? Improve reading speed too? Maybe you’re interested in the meaning behind them? The authors’ purpose?

➳ Well, I have the thing for you! This will sort of be a book society. If you’re interested, reply with some sort of message below. List the books you like!

Books you’re interested in:

We’ll be reading:

Click here for the book!

Fahrenheit 451

You can find a PDF copy online, if you don’t have a hard copy. (pls don’t spend your money on hard copies it really isn’t necessary <3)


This can prove to be a tricky read, but, I promise, if you read it slowly it’s actually extremely interesting. It’ll improve reading speeds and understanding the purpose behind it - a key skill required in jobs and exams.

The main point is to have fun!

So, now if you’re interested, it would be good for you to understand some background knowledge of the book:

➳ Who is the author?
➳ When was the book written?
➳ What was occurring at the time of the book? How could this affect what the meaning of the book is?
➳ Name some themes of the book?

^^ These answers don’t need to be commented, could just be something to think about^^

Once you’ve done this, go ahead and read!

You have until the 22nd of February to read up to page 10. If you decide to read past that point, no spoilers :smiley:

We will probably have a meeting in a VC on the 22nd of February, most likely around 4pm-6pm EST (time undecided still).

If you can’t attend, comment your ideas below. Do take your time!

(If you don’t have the hard copy, it would be this part:
“But she was gone–running into the moonlight. Her front door shut gently.”)

If you find anything interesting, comment it below. REMEMBER: THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER! ONLY CONFLICTING IDEAS. Appreciate one another’s view and opinion to help form your own.

✩ “It was a pleasure to burn.” ✩



Name: Dils
IGN: Dilssuperboy
Discord: dils#3774
Books you’re interested in: Generally interested in classics, as well as newer books such as Every Day, etc.


Name: Penny
IGN: Pennymerry
Books you’re interested in: fantasy, science fiction, anything Shakespeare (or early/modern era)


Name: Percy Scrimgeour
IGN: KunaiWarrior
Books you’re interested in: Ready Player One, Snow Crash, The Book Thief, Band of Brothers, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. [Anything Science fiction, History (WW1 & WW2 era), Crime, Action & Adventure.]


Name: Herm
IGN: Hermburger
Discord: hermit crab#0458
Books you’re interested in: I love classics, fantasy, some science fiction, books based around a historical setting, or just in general ones about characters discovering who they are.


Name: John Adams
IGN: _Quincy
Books you’re interested in: Classics, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian ; (a few favorites of mine: Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Land of Stories (series), Tale of Two Cities, Night, Around the World in 80 Days,


Name: Bess
IGN: Bess_days
Books you’re interested in: I love reading anything I can get my hands on, but if referring to preferences, I like more early/modern era fiction that has a purpose. Ex: All John Green books, Perks of Being a Wallflower The Book Thief, Hitchikers guide to the galaxy (@BatInTheShadows) The Maze runner series, of course Harry Potter and Percy Jackson – a.k.a a diverse span
I’m excited to read Farenheight 451, in fact, I legit just borrowed it from the library

DISCORD: bess_days#4946

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@Bess_Days @The_DrDude @Herm @BatInTheShadows @Penny

Would you all be willing to edit in your discords too? <3

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