Broom level changes - [Hogwarts , Quidditch]

Instead of having just some number that goes up while you fly that somehow increases your maximum speed and whatever values are modified, it would be cool to have unlockable “perks” that are more impactful but also less often. Right now you kinda have this not noticeable change in the background, with perks you could have a higher impact change every 5 level or so. For example, lvl 5 could just be +0.2 max speed but on level 25 or so you get the perk “Quick start” and with it, you start off already at a certain percentage of the maximum speed.
These perks shouldn’t be every level by far not, but more impacting

Why it will be good:
It makes levelling brooms way more fun and accomplishing than the current system. These perks could also impact quidditch or other parts of the server idk

How it will work in code/other functions
Ehm idk, I am not a developer. But I guess its like “if a player has that level minimum -> do cool stuff”

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Idk the developers on knockturn but like someone will have some spare time?

Which server?
Hogwarts , Quidditch


it doesnt increase maximum speed by level, brooms are the only thing with control on speed. Oh… this is michael.

I agree this would be more interesting tbh, but i havent been coding lately so.

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Heheh good :joy: I have been. Maybe you like what kwesi and I created

maybe but im like super busy this month. Summer summer summer summer

Hmmm, let me reframe the suggestion:

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
The code is already done and Kwesi and I have been testing the core, the only thing missing that are the brooms .json files with all the new values the core supports. as well as the perk.json files / module code if they are more complex.

Sounds better ?

hmm, yea but ill have to look @ it on a test server once i am free

Good, whenever you are, I’ll send you le IP