Broom xp

I think getting your broom xp up should be a little easier, or just changed. I bought a nimbus 2001, and I had to get to level 15 to ride it properly, which I think is a little too high, especially because if you fly for 3 straight hours (which i did) you only get 5 levels. Also, brooms are way too expensive, I think you should lower the prices a bit. Just to get a nimbus 2001 it’s like 1100 galleons. Not all quidditch players are rich. Just my ideas.

I am sure your quidditch teams can foot the bill if you need to buy a decent broom, it gives ppl who have money something to strive for. As for broom xp, if you can instantly ride the better brooms, why would we even have broom exp?

I mean if you just play Quidditch you will get broom XP. As you get better that will too.

Brooms are supposed to be more easily handled by quidditch players. Them playing more often leads to rapid increase in broom exp. I personally went up 5 levels this season, and with practice will go up more. Also brooms are expensive in hp. Why wouldn’t they be? Get floo if you need easy ways to get around.

I’m not a quidditch player. Plus, you won’t get on the quidditch team with a low xp. So how am I suppossed to get xp if your only solution is to play quidditch? I don’t think you sshould magically be able to ride the broom perfectly, I just think I shouldn’t have to fly for 3 hours straight to get 5 levels.

I started riding a broom 4 months ago and I’m a level 16 or something. The more you use it, the higher you get, the better you get, and that’s the idea. The people who spend more time on their brooms deserve better brooms to use, helpful for people who are on it all the time, and are dedicated to quidditch and playing on / with the broom. If you want a better broom that bad, and aren’t getting up fast enough, do you really need a better broom for what you will be using it for?

I would like to try out for the quidditch team, and obviously I can’t do that with the worst broom. I have a numbus 2001, I just can’t ride it. I do love quidditch, but some people have other things to do than sit on their computers all day flying around a quidditch pitch,It just takes too long.

You do not need to be on a team to practice…

Clearly if you aren’t patient enough to work and practice flying and practice quidditch in general then you don’t really care about the quidditch team. You need to show effort and show that you care and be there for quidditch. That just starts with working on your broom.

Quidditch players have to practice in their spare time and also during team practices. All people who are useful members of a quidditch team, especially slytherin, have devoted hours to practicing and playing quidditch. I am personally on the quidditch team, and I have spent hours practicing all roles before finding the one I liked the best (Keeper). I was a chaser, beater, and once a seeker (and regret that), and now a keeper. I spent many hours practising because passing the quaffle or catching the snitch or hitting a bludger is not something you just automatically do. If you want to apply for quidditch, you should take time out of running your bar to practice. All of us on the slytherin team has, even hari goes to our practices and plays chaser to get better at hitting at stuff, and she is a beater.

The amount of time it takes to get the broom skill is not even enough to get quidditch going, AND having a bucky broom prepares you for the lag of being on the pitch with 50 people at the same time, and trying to do what you practices without lag. There is no reason to reduce the broom skill simply due to the fact that having you skip levels won’t make you better at quidditch, despite what you may think it really does take practice, and you can practice even on bad brooms because its not just scoring, but being able to pass the quaffle.