BT Bar&club!

At Floo BT you will find a bar on the first floor and a dance floor with a bounce area on the second. (third floor is staff only) On the the first floor there is a shop sign- we sell: cheap food, cheap moontrimmers, floo, Brewing supplies and other plants. And of course what u all waited for- Cheap booze! party equipment! Peace disturbed at a whopping 15 knuts! We will Publish a time table for parties so yall don’t get bored in this quarantine xD. While the venue isn’t big enough for a wedding, We can certainly host after parties etc. Enjoy! you can message me on discord- niv_discord#8985 or owl me / msg me (stupidkitty456)
Any other questions u can ask me (Bellatrix Sinta) or Troy Denbright. we also own other smaller shops selling food& Booze!

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I meant peace disturber lmao