Build Code Update 2020

Hello, witches, wizards and wix!

With our latest update to 1.14.4, several new blocks have been introduced to the server. This means fun new decorations and more entities and entity blocks!

What is an entity or entity block?
Well, they’re basically…lag-inducers. Each of these stores data which keeps track of things like whether your jukebox has a disk in it, what color your banners are, and what strength your comparator is at! This includes a good list of blocks, especially with the new update.

We’ve always limited entity blocks with set numbers for each individual item, but as the list of entity blocks expands, we need to adapt. That is why we’re setting a new standard. Rather than having only 16 of certain entity blocks allowed per region, each owner may have a total entity count of 25.

What does this mean?
Well, it means you can have 25 banners, or 25 signs, or 25 enchanting tables…or mix and match! As long as the total count of all entity blocks is no more then 25, you’re good! We shall be including paintings and item frames <- these two are not block entities but are entities we will include in our 25 limit.

Block Entity list ↓

The new policy is also changing our rules on K-Shop usage. You are now asked to primarily use a shop sign as storage instead of chests - this will be in addition to the 1 Shop sign per shop region that you are allowed. Think of it this way - the fewer chests you use as storage, the more decorations you can have!

To clarify it means you are allowed a second shop sign purely for storage, it just means you can’t sell anything and it has to be closed.

What else is changing?
Well, folks, we’re now allowing Aquariums! This has rather rigid guidelines, but this is just so people don’t go overboard or accidentally disturb other players.

Aquarium Guidelines

The floor of your aquarium must be 2 blocks thick so water doesn’t drip through the blocks below. It can’t be more than 8 blocks of water in volume. No actual fish are allowed, for lag reasons, but sea pickles, corals, kelp and sea grass are fine. Your aquarium also can’t block windows or doorways.

We also ask that you limit leaves blocks as they cause some lag as well, forcing light to render through them. There’s no specific limit here, but we ask that you use reasonable discretion and not excessively decorate with leaves.

If you have any questions regarding the Build Code, Smol and I would love to answer them!

Thank you so much, and happy building!


Regarding the signs instead of using chests for storage, if you share a shop with other people would you have a page per person?

Considering build code restrictions (and the consequences of not complying with them) fall to the owners of regions, it is the owner of that region that would dictate how the sign is managed and potentially shared.

Hi sorry here’s a updated version in regards to number of properties you can own in different regions:

  • London: 3 regions
  • Diagon/Knockturn: 2 regions total
  • Hogsmeade: 2 regions - 1 shop/1 apt
  • Yorkshire: 3 regions - Includes Little Hangleton, Upper Flagly, and Shambles