Butterfly Effect

Heyo guys. It’s your Kaneki over here again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, as this RP suggests, this is going to be about the Butterfly Effect. (For those of you who don’t know what it is, the Butterfly Effect is the concept of a single action affecting the future.) For example: if someone spilled the milk on the floor, then Smol @Napstablook would’ve died. <-- Original Timeline.

If someone DIDN’T spill the milk, then @Napstablook Smol nevah would’ve died. Love you <3 (ples dun keel me kthnxbai)

So! The setting of this RP will be inside of a Haunted Mansion. The reason as to why your characters chose to come here is unknown. You can interact with the objects and the Mansion namely has 9 rooms. Those rooms are: Kitchen, Living Room, Balcony, Bed Room #1, Bedroom #2, Restroom #1, Restroom #2, Office, Play Room.

Every time you move through the rooms, you must go through the Hallways. These Hallways take two posts to move through from room to room, and your goal is to survive. The Hallways are where events can happen, namely Butterfly Events. Should you see this, know that your chosen action could affect the surrounding setting, namely whether another RP character lives or dies. Butterfly events will look like this:

Butterfly Event! Kill the child? Let the child run off.

As this is going to be a horror RP >: ) There will be supernatural occurrences and beings trying to kill you. There are three of them, and they can be influenced as to who to try and kill. You can hit them once which will allow you to have a 50% chance of stunning or aggravating. If they’re stunned then you can run off into another room through the hallways. If they’re aggravated they just killed you. WELP Should they succeed in “killing” you, you will wake up on a meat hook. Someone can pull you down and try to revive you, but they must figure out which room before they can rescue you. Should they fail, your RP character will die, and you lose!

Clues look like this: Blood trails off to the Kitchen and Restrooms… A wail can be heard near the Bedrooms.

Being a survivor, wander through the rooms and go through the items around the mansion and discover the lore behind the RP! Whoever can piece the story together will receive an INGAME prize from me on the Harry Potter Server!

As a survivor, you can choose ONE melee weapon. Please don’t make it something ridiculous like a chainsaw. ;-;

Follow the template below and make sure your character starts at the entrance of the mansion. (A due note: only one person can enter the mansion at a time. Once that player is on a meat hook, the CURRENT player can go try to find that hooked person. Best of luck!


Lightning cracked around the mansion as the crumbling wood and eerie night seemed to consume the whole place. A wail went throughout it as three dimly lit candles were set in the Living Room’s window.

Name: Ana. Ana Cloud. :stuck_out_tongue:
Weapon: A long sword. A long sword.
Description: Long brown hair, brown eyes, short, skinny, yet strong.


A mysterious gust of wind forces everyone into the Mansion’s KITCHEN

Ana looked around nervously, clutching her sword. This was not the best idea…

The Kitchen has a white, tiled sink and a wooden table with six chairs around it. A chandelier with an empty candle is above the table. A dim window is above the sink as the sink occasionally drips water.

On the table, a checkbook can be seen, it’s cover grimy and dusty.

Ana looks around to see if she can find a lightswitch. She pulled out a flashlight.

She looks to find a door.

A dark wooden door stood before her and a cackling sound could be heard.

Ana immediately distrusted it. She looked around, making sure there weren’t any exits she missed.

The whole Kitchen could be seen and a rather mysterious ID card was hanging precariously off of the countertop.

Ana picked it up gingerly and studied it.

“Miranda Pevertile. Driver’s Permit. 2001.” The plastic ID spoke of old age and being worn down. Another cackle could be heard this time, closer.

A dropping sound could be heard as a large, circular object dropped down suddenly and landed on the wooden kitchen table.

Ana spun around, sword in hand. She backed into an area where she could see the whole kitchen.

A lolling tongue was hanging out of the dead head, a boy’s head where the neck was brutally severed. Behind her a crack of glass could be heard.

(@Geentiger829 @OllieDivine @GinnyGinger @AtomosaTheFoster @Celebi Help yo girl out :P)

Ana merely raised her eyebrows. This was to be expected. She looked calmly towards the sound, sword ready.

(Chill out me and ollie are getting some food.)

A broken picture of a toddler’s drawing could be seen. Stick-figures of a father, daughter, mother, and two sons could be seen. The glass cracked around the middle son, but didn’t crack around his head.

A boy’s laughter could be heard echoing around the Kitchen.

Ana wondered if the boy in the picture was the severed head one. Maybe, maybe not. She continued looking for an exit, which included searching the ceiling and floors.