Calling All Writers!

Hogwarts Lore Is Hiring!

Do you like writing:

  • Short stories
  • Questlines
  • Poems
  • Character backstories
    Or even just like world building?

Then please, consider joining the Hogwarts Lore team!


You’ll be a member of our beloved staff, work with one of two crucial groups, and can choose from several categories on what to add to the server. And believe me, the more help we get, the faster everyone will see sparkly new content! :wink:

There is also no minimum year requirements for lore, or server ontime!

Common Concerns

"I don’t want to write complicated lore…"
No problem! Some quests are planned but unwritten at the moment, and you can flesh them out.

"Quests are intimidating!"
Try writing server lore! If you’re interested in quests but just nervous, we have a really handy system and experienced lore members to buddy up and help you.

"I’m not creative enough to join."
You’re a perfect fit in our team, and you can always learn.

How to Apply

There are 0 requirements to apply for lore and only a simple writing test if you’re accepted. That’s it! Head to our Staff Application section and fill it out~

Apply today for lore and Alm will give you a hug! :heart: :sparkles: