Can't log in/Keep getting "timed out" message

Hi! Sorry if I post this in the wrong section, I was exactly sure where to put it. Also sorry if this is the wrong format for a help ticket, tried to find the most commonly used one.

What is the Bug?: I keep getting a “timed out” message after trying to log in.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.11.2

Steps to reproduce bug:
//BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. If your steps are not clear or missing pieces we may not be able to find the bug and label it ‘this user is stupid’.

  • Open Minecraft
  • Double click Knockturn Network server to join
  • Says “logging in”
  • Eventually says “timed out”

Is there anything else to include that isn’t part of reproducing it? Nope

IGN: MCQueen26

Did you relog before submitting this bug report? Yes

Did you actually check the other bug reports first? Yes

Did you make sure your title is CLEAR and to the POINT not something cute or poorly worded so we can identify this bug with it’s content? Yes

Did you actually follow the documentation or did you think ‘nah i will risk a 48 ban to post something stupid’? I believe so

The server is 1.12.2.
Try using that Minecraft version, it should work then. (It isn’t a bug btw, next time put it in support)

Ohh okay! I saw (when I was on 1.14) it said to use 1.8x-1.12x and I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant so I just used a version in between those two. Sorry for the wrong section, will put it in support next time! Thank you :smiley:

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