Cat Club

Cat Club

What are we?

We are the cat lovers of knockturn! We love cats so much, we show up to talk about our favorite cat things as well as our pet cats.

How do I join?!

You show up! Participation should occur at least once a month for u to be active as I mean, if you liked cats, you’d come.
In order to join, you must follow all of the requirements.
You must like cats. You can even love them! But if you dislike or hate cats, find a better use of your time.


Coords: 2170 77 3321
Floo: Cat Club


Next Meeting
Saturday May 30 @2:30pm EST


Meow Malfoy [MeowMagic]
Contact info:


Hari Bell
Tom Devora
Taffy Crouch
Robun Hart
Bellatrix Sinta
Lilly Armia
Aeliin Wood
Katie Hitchen
Tal Trelawney
Jay Riddle
Jordyn Collins
Ava Lima
Cris Malfoy
Aria Booth
Adam Nott
Jade Potter
Curtis Twelvetrees
Min Dumbledore


Hi! Please don’t necropost. This thread hasn’t been used in 6 months. Please contact one of the club’s members on discord if possible. Thanks :heart: