Cherry Blossom; Japanese Culture Day Event - Results and Stats

Japanese Culture Day Event has come to an end! Let’s see our stats first!

We have 15 Players participated in this event, including hosts, tester, Lore Team.
We have 8 Players completing the event, and 1 Player from Lore Team completing it, making ~53% completion rate by total players.
The average time to complete it is 1:01:27!

Now time for the top 3 players!
First Place : Alex Rogers! 0:41:19
Second Place : Cris Malfoy! 0:59:26
Third Place : Lilly Potter! 1:11:16

Here are all of the player ranks (who completed it)

Alex Rogers 0:41:19
Cris Malfoy 0:59:26
Lilly Potter 1:11:16
Rey Wayland 1:12:22
Maya Harlow 1:12:27
Johnny Krum 1:23:21
Will Booth 1:27:09
Luke Schoenheit 1:31:26

Thank you to the Lore Team, the Build Team, and the Event Planner Team who made this event possible!
Big thanks to all of the participants and I hope we will see you on more of the events!
-Bess & Pengu


Thanks Penguin! What a spectacular event, pleasure co-hosting it!