Cherry Blossom Season Events

Hello people of Knockturn! With Cherry Blossom season upon us, another round of events is coming with it too. These themed events will be taking place starting April 23rd, 2021 to May 2nd, 2021.

Hiroki will be joining us this season so make sure to check in daily to earn some sweet rewards!

Yureis have broken into Knockturn Academy with a desire to crash the Cherry Blossom season events! Rid as many as you can from the grounds to protect the upcoming festivities!


Hosts: Rey Wayland & Anthony Dawson
Time(s): April 23rd, 8 am & 2 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: Every player is given a plot of grass to build their own cherry blossom/zen garden-inspired park with provided materials. Most creative, fun and aesthetically pleasing design wins.

  • No spellcasting
  • No teaming
  • No stealing other people’s materials
  • No summoning your own materials, wait for a host to help
  • No sabotaging other builds
  • Build only on your assigned area

Hosts: Maya Harlow & Luke Schoenheit
Time(s): April 24th, 8 am & 5 pm EST
Description: The host will yell a color and players must boat to the color yelled. The last person to the color is eliminated. Continues until there is only one person left.

  • Stay in your boat, if you get stuck or somehow break your boat ask Maya or Luke for a replacement through dm or in global
  • Throughout the map you will find water holes, once you enter these, hold down your forward key and you’ll get out. You’re not stuck, it just takes a few seconds
  • No intentional sabotage

Hosts: Penguin Howden & Harry King
Time(s): April 25th, 8 am & 4 pm EST
Description: Players will race around a cherry blossom themed map searching for Cherry Blossom Saplings hidden around the map. After the amount of time specified by the host, players will be teleported to an area where the host will be counting all the saplings.

  • Your saplings will NOT be counted when you join the 2nd round if you have already join the 1st round.
  • No cheating or sabotaging

Hosts: Bess Flamel & Penguin Howden
Time(s): April 26th, all day
Description: Players will run around a Japanese themed island, doing tasks one by one given by the beginning NPC. The player who completes the tasks in the fastest amount of time wins.

  • No teaming
  • Only 1 account per person. But, alts can claim the participation reward.

Hosts: Emma Rose (sadge, no #Eva) & Luke Schoenheit
Time(s): April 28th, 6 am & 3 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: The iconic board game brought to life in Minecraft. The goal is to harvest 10 cherry blossom petals but what happens each round is dictated by a spinner. Spin 1, 2, 3, or 4? Pick that number of petals off your tree. Spin a dog, bird, or tipped over bucket? Face a consequence. First person to collect 10 cherry blossom petals into their bucket wins!

  • No cheating if you figure out a way to
  • Be respectful/not a sore loser
  • If you’re AFK/skip your turn 3 times total, you will be eliminated from the event

Hosts: Bess Flamel
Time(s): April 30th, all day
Description: Players participate in a Cherry Blossom themed Elytra Course. Click the NPC at the start of the course to begin your timer, click the NPC at the end to stop your timer. The person with the fastest time wins.

  • No cheating/sabotaging
  • Must get through the course only using an elytra

Hosts: Ellie Gibson
Time(s): May 1st, 10 am & 7 pm EST
Description: Participants are put into groups of 2 or more (depends on how many participants) and placed on a cherry blossom season-themed map. The host gives out a prompt or a theme and participants need to take a photo (screenshot) that best fits the given prompt. The host decides the winner.

  • Be respectful of the other players
  • No pvp allowed

Hosts: Theo Harrison & Luke Schoenheit
Time(s): May 2nd, 10 am & 6 pm EST
Description: The theme is obviously Cherry Blossom season. Participants are to create a skin and then show that skin off on the catwalk at the runway show. Have your skin prepared in advance as there will be no time to make one during the event.

  • Must stick to theme. Don’t make something completely irrelevant to cherry blossom season
  • Once all skins have been shown off, participants may cast their votes by using /msg b0rken or /msg gakindle (the hosts)
  • You may only vote once and only for one skin
  • If you make a skin but are not able to participate in the actual event, you may ask someone who is attending to be your model or ask one of the hosts (Luke and Theo) and we will sort it out

Event Shop

CBS Event Shop-02
More items to be added soon!

Participation Tokens

The beloved participation shop is making its return for the season! Attending an event each time will reward you with Mochi Balls which you can spend in the participation shop to buy some super cool cosmetics. The participation store will be open after all of the events have concluded. This is just to make sure you don’t spend your Mochi Balls without knowledge of how many you’ll end up collecting!
participation shop-12