Chinese New Year Event Rules

Hello! This is the Rules post for the Chinese New Year Events, where you can pre-read on all the rules that will be used for the events this coming few weeks!
The times, rewards, hosts, and more can be found at the main post over here: Chinese New Year Events
Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!


Every group has the same assigned theme. Groups will be chosen at random at the event and will have 30 minutes to plan and rehearse a dance to a music disc of their choice.

Flare Dance Rules
  • No spells other than flares

  • Cooperate with your group

  • Be nice to other groups

  • Listen to the hosts


Sign ups for the skin competition will take place at the ball. There will also be other fun things that we won’t tell you yet so you’ll have to come to find out!

New Year Ball Rules
  • No purposely causing chaos (no whizbangs, killing people with spells, etc.)

  • Listen to hosts


Each round, players will be dropped into an arena where they must compete to see who the last player still standing on the arena is. There will be three rounds, and the winners of each round will compete to determine the final winner.

TNT Spleef Rules
  • Do not /sit or /lay

  • Hoggybacking other players is not allowed

  • No spellcasting

  • Stay inside the arena


A row of chairs will be lined up with music playing, when the music stops, try and sit in a chair as fast as possible!

Musical Chairs Rules
  • Don’t move if the music is not playing

  • Be respectful of the other players.

  • Listen to the hosts at all times.

  • Don’t shout out random commands for the players unless a host asks you to.

  • Don’t sabotage others unless hosts say it’s okay.

  • If you’re out, don’t troll the players (ex: run onto the chairs, cast on players, etc.)

Players will whack eachother off of a tower while trying to get to the very top by themselves!

King of the Ladder Rules
  • Don’t fly/use any sort of cheating to get to the top.

  • No spellcasting.

  • Please don’t use anything to hit people other than what is given to you.

  • Be respectful of the other players.

  • You are allowed to try and hit other people off the tower.

  • No targeting one person continually.


A large parkour map will be built, and users must attempt to navigate to certain checkpoints as quickly as possible. Falling off and restarting is permitted, and one person will be eliminated each round.

Parkour Rules
  • Follow host instructions.

  • Go back to the starting platform if you fall.

  • Sabotaging is not allowed. If seen done by a host you’re out.

  • No cheating in any way, if you find a loophole in the parkour that is fine.


Find as many coins as you possibly can. They will be hidden all around the map in chests, brewing stands, cauldrons and barrels. The more difficult to find, the better the prize.

There are 2 types of coins, one that is worth 1 point and another who is worth 5 points.

You will have 20 minutes to find as many coins as you can and 3 minutes to come back and place your items in a chest with your name.

The winner is the person who gets the most amount of points from the coins.

Treasure Hunt Rules
  • Be respectful of the other players.

  • Don’t cast any spells.

  • If more than one person finds a coin at the same time, whoever finds the coin first gets to keep it.

  • No pvp allowed.

  • Hints will be given once most of the coins have been found, or when there is 5-10 minutes remaining.

  • If you have any problem, please call out in global politely and someone will come to you.

  • If you want to team up, you can. Just remember that the points are counted individually.


Players will roll the dice individually and move that number of spaces. If they land on a space that has the start of a ladder, players must climb up the ladder to the space above. If they land on a space that has the end of a snake, players must slide down to the space below. First player to the end wins!

Snakes And Ladders Rules
  • No spellcasting.

  • No using loopholes if found.

  • Stay on the board at all times during playtime.

  • No pushing or hoggybacking players to a different space.

  • Multiple people are allowed to occupy the same space at the same time.

Players are given clues and a crossword to fill out.

Crossword Rules
  • Supposed to be done solo/without assistance from other people so don’t work with other players.

  • As it is impossible to tell who did the crossword legitimately, note that there will not be a completion prize and only a participation prize.

AFK Race is obviously a race as stated in the name. Players will be paired up at the start of the event, so make sure to arrive on time if you want your choice of partner! One person will start as the pusher and the other will start as the “AFK User” however half way through the race the roles will switch. Duos will traverse through obstacles and the first duo to pass the finish line wins!

AFK Race Rules
  • No spellcasting.

  • No using loopholes if found.

  • No pushing or hoggybacking players (that aren’t your partner) around the map aka no sabotaging.

  • If you have any problem, please call out in global politely and someone will come to you.

  • If caught cheating in any way, the duo will be disqualified immediately.

Players will form teams to eat dumplings competitively together, then the winning team will split into individual members to face off against one another!

Dumpling Eating Rules

Round One:

Each player will be assigned to a team, each containing 3 or 4 other players (depending on how many attend the time slot). Each team will be assigned a color and given a set of diamond tools.

Once the door to the arena opens, the players will be set free to break open or “eat” as many dumplings as they can. Inside each dumpling is a filling of a random block that you will need to break to reach the chest in the center. Each chest has a chance to contain:

  • 1 Regular Dumpling (1pt)

  • 1 Gold Dumpling (5pts)

  • Nothing (0pts)

The teams will have 10 minutes to run around the map and collect dumplings. Once you collect your dumplings, you’ll have to drop them in a hopper assigned to your team. You have to put all of your dumplings in your hopper before the timer runs out! There won’t be extra time at the end, so use your time wisely!

Round Two:

The winning team will go to a slightly smaller arena, but the object is the same. This time, each player will go alone and whoever can put the most dumplings in their hopper by the end of the match wins!





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There’s mention of skin comp, but what are the rules/theme?

the theme is lunar new year, just make sure its appropriate and follows the servers rules ofc.

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