Chocolate Frog Cards gone Missing!

I am aware that I am a bit too late to post this, but last sunday, April 2nd, I believe, I logged on to Knockturn. Then I went to my bar with Jake Evans/Ignis. We chatted there for a while, but then, when he left, I realized something was missing. All of my chocolate frog cards that were on the wall were missing! These cards consisted of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, someone who looked like a chef (i don’t remember his name), and someone else I don’t remember. I know it might seem like I am making up all this (the cards are all famous people) but I really did collect all of these cards and really want all of them back. Thank you.

When did they go missing ? Do you know when it happened because there were a couple times item frames dropped, but not last sunday

I’m not sure when exactly they went missing. I know for a fact that they were missing last sunday though. I was on MIA for a while, so I didn’t come on much. I did come on on the Friday before last sunday, but I don’t think i looked at my bar that day. I just pretty much hung out by the Entrance Hall.

Also, I just realized (ik its dumb that i JUST did) but I also lost a trophy that i put in an item frame. It was a book renamed “Willow’s Forever Love”. It was from long ago when Kat was Willow Malamius but I can just recreate the book :3. The chocolate frog cards will be harder to retrieve again though.

Was this ever resolved?

@Cris nope, I never got my stuff back.

I hate to reply, but may I also say, I lost 2 chocolate frog cards, along with a beanie and one of my wands (silver lime with veela hair), they were all in item frames at my apartment.

You should make a separate thread.