Chose Your Fate

Heyo! Ollie with another up! However, this one is really just a revival of my last fate rp. Anyway, I hope you join and I’ll try to explain better. Anyway-

Here’s how this works. The main plot of this is going to be the great holy grail war. In the great holy grail war, two teams of seven servants and seven masters (more on them later) fight to the death for the chance to get one wish granted. When one team wins that, a smaller grail war will be held amongst the remaining participants. There may be only one winner

What is a servant anyway? A servant is a heroic spirit who may have lived in the past or future. They are brought to the earth to fight alongside their masters to win the grail war. Their power differs from their legend and actual strength, however, the greater your story the more powerful they are.

What is a master? A Master is a mage who has chosen to participate in the grail war. They receive three command seals that let them control/aid their servant in various ways.

Here are the classes a servant may be: Rider (Uses mounts more often and can use a lance it sword), Caster (A great and powerful mage), Assassin (self explanatory, but they are stealthy and move quickly), Archer (Skilled with long ranged weapons), Lancer (Uses Lances, spears, and other weapons like that.), Saber (Kinda like a knight.), and finally Berserker. (Like a saber, just much stronger and much less sain. They dont exactly think.)

If you chose to be a servant you can make up a character or use one from history. Just check with me in PMs that it is fair. Anyway, here’s the template:

Roleplay Name:
Rank: (D-A (A being best))
Team: (Red or Blue)

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me. If you think of any questions after we start you can ask the Ruler class servant that I will be controlling. The Ruler oversees the war and will be a law enforcer. (Ps, rulers can always beat all other servants)

You are allowed to control two characters (preferably on the same team). I will join when I think enough characters have been made already.

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@AnaCloud @Kaneki @Geentiger829 @Adam_Boynton @GinnyGinger @Sofia @MightyThor1198 @LucyHeartfilia will you guys please join? x3

(I love the show fate so you already know I’m joining.)

(Make yer character, Ollie :P)

Roleplay Name: Altix felsteel
Servant/Master: Servant
Rank: A
Team: Red
Class: Rider
Description: short messing blond hair. Tall with blue eyes. He rides a black horse called black lightning. He uses materials to make swords, he can make infinite amounts of swords as long as he has materials.
(I need a master, someone plz, who wants to be me master.)

(Altix turns the planet into a pile of swords)

Roleplay Name: Persephony Deztch
Servant/Master?: Servant
Rank: Ruler
Team: Neutrual
Class: Ruler
Description: She wears a dark purple set of clothes under her silver battle armor. She tend to be very impartial and level headed. She doesn’t stray from her duties and will do whatever needed to see the war through. She also happens the be the embodiment of mother Earth.

(YESSSSS XD, I’m happy, me and ollie planned a whole fste thing out a while ago but never did it XD)

Roleplay Name: Harison Infernal
Servant/Master?: Servant
Rank: A
Team: Red
Class: Saber
Description: Harison or Harry is the product of a curse. He was born of a mother who was hated by the sun goddess. The goddess cursed her because of how perfect she seemed. This left Harison with a short that the was painful and cruel. Just after being born his mother passed away. And because of his blood red hair, his father left him shortly after as well. However, because the goddess felt bad she granted him the power to survive. He not control fire in more then a few ways. He is durable beyond compare and is more difficult to kill then thought possible. He has emerald green eyes and is tail and very muscular. He carries a golden blade granted by the sun goddess, and wears the silver armor he stole from his father.

(No idea what this show is… LOL)

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(You can always ask me :stuck_out_tongue: just join mate and try not to be too op. I already have a villain planned out)

(Come on Kaneki, we need peoplze to join.)

Roleplay Name: Evangeline Rochar
Servant/Master?: Master
Rank: A
Team: (Red or Blue) Red
Class: Master of Red Saber.
Description: She has long blue/black hair that she usually has in a braid. She has silver/gray eyes and is quite pale. She is strong and lithe.

(Maybe I’ll add more later.)

Evangeline drew a circle and placed a dragon scale in the center. She then said,

“In accordance with the Gail I call forth thy self. My will creates your body, and your sword, my destiny. If you hear the grail’s calls then come forth. I order thy self to appear!”

(Good enough?)

Fire and flames kicked up around the room. They burned with intense heat. Soon a pair of glowing red eyes appeared. Not long after that a tall and muscular man was visible. “So tell me. Are you the one I should call master?” The flames gathered collectively into his palm. They turned into a golden sword which he stabbed into the ground and put both hands on while posing triumphantly.

She stood up straight and looked him in the eye.

“I believe so,” she said authoritatively.

Harison glanced around. “Man what a dump. You’d think you’d summon royalty in a decent place.” He glanced back at her. “You don’t seem like the type who can handle a servant like me. Trust me, I use more magical energy then you can imagine.”

Roleplay Name: Diana Moonglimmer
Servant/Master?: Servant
Rank: A
Team: Neutral
Class: Assassin
Description: In history, Diana was not known by her name, but her title - Maiden of Dreams. Some people wrote that it was based on her appearance, however, those from her time knew it’s true meaning; That she was an assassin who supposedly not only killed the physical beings, but the dreaming soul. She was given 2 to 7 jobs that she began at dusk and ended at dawn. However, few know her as a person. Diana was born thought to be a gift from gods with her hair of silver, yet she was born with a curse. A curse that forbid she love. Due to this curse, her parents burned to death and some childhood friends drowned. For a large portion of her life, she avoided all people. But one day, she fell in love with a brave knight. She tried to hide from him, but he always found her. She fell in love with him, but the curse did not act upon him. She finally felt like it was gone, rid of what tortured her for years. On the day of their wedding, her kiss poisoned him. The curse did not leave - it just waited. However, when life gives you lemons, you squeeze them in your enemies eyes. Diana became no longer a kind maiden, avoiding attachment, and instead decided to become an assassin. She learned how to become skilled with daggers and poisons. If ever in trouble, she remembered her husband and the curse helped her out of it.
When called back to this world by the blue team, she did not want to be. Not only that, but she would never serve under someone she didn’t choose to herself. So, when the night came, she slayed her master and was gone.

She glared at him and waved her hand. A boulder behind her suddenly exploded and pelted him with little pieces of rocks.

(When no one wants to be your master and when ana thinks a explosion will scare ollie XD)