Class Question

Hello everyone. Currently Lore team is going to be going back (after the rest of year 5 is written) and rewriting lessons so that they will be 30-45 minutes in length and NOT longer than 45 minutes. With that in mind, we have a chance to do something.

We have the option to put classes at 3x per day instead of the current 2x per day. (are you know we put them at 2x per day so people in different time zones can attend and everyone in on equal footing. However, I have found there are really 3 grouped time zones rather than just 2 and it might be better to set it so you have a general 8 hour block to go to classes for that day rather than a 12 hour block.)

This means if you are online for MORE than 8 hours you will start to see repeating classes. However, it also means classes are closer together and you can choose when you go to class or catch a later copy of that same class.

However, if we are going to do this, I want to have an opinion.

  • Classes Repeat 2x per day
  • Classes Repeat 3x per day

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(Mind you, this will not go into effect until year 1-5 is rewritten to be shorter and more interesting)