Classrooms Patch Notes 9/23/2020

Hey Guys,

Just going to give you a list of the recent changes and upcoming changes to lessons in case y’all aren’t watching the dev channel.

Already Deployed (Assuming Hogs has been restarted since yesterday) –

  • Classrooms now depends on language api (Backend change that effects almost no one)
  • Year 6 electives were being updated on pass / fail and now will update based only on user preference
  • When a Student is AFK in a classroom and currently have exams, it will no longer set them to lesson #1 instead of ignoring them.
  • Answers will now be listed on incorrect questions during non-exams. A different message will appear if its during exams (That will need to be added to the configuration)

Up Coming (In the next few days) –

  • Exams will keep the highest grade achieved as the grade.
  • Users will actually be rewarded Experience at the end of classes.
  • If a blank answer is in the single answer, it will ignore it.
  • Users will be rewarded up to 3 points for correctly clicking ingredients, and if they randomly click they will have a lower grade in potions
  • Levenshtein distance will not be /4, not %4 since we increase typo possibility by length of the string.
  • However any answer that is 100% numbers will have an edit distance of 0 since numbers should be exact.