Clubs! (Woohoo!)

Have you ever wanted to have an insanely big snaps game? Or a fashion competition? Or perhaps long debates about Harry Potter subjects? Well it’s all possible!

Clubs have existed for a long time but over the time they have faded into a small corner and are only noticed when someone walks into their room… how sad :cry: However I believe that if you realise what clubs can do and how much fun they can be they can get out of that corner and return to their former glory! All that is needed for this is the player’s interest so I hope that with this post I can make alot of people interested in clubs again!

You may have thought of an idea for a club but you don’t know if it’s a good idea. Maybe you thought of a club that talks about popular TV shows or about a book series but don’t know if people are interested. (It can be TV shows/books from irl FYI). Just remember you can always ask people! As long as you gather 10 members (including yourself) you can request to make the club! Also if you’re shy to ask you can always ask me and maybe we can figure something out! :smiley:

Anyways I’ve been talking for way too long now and you’re probably already bored of reading this. So for the lazy people who don’t want to read the entire post: don’t be afraid to create a club, come up with ideas or ask Bellona or me! Clubs are alot of fun and a great way to bond with the community and make new friends!