Coding tutor

Hello everybody!!

I just found , and am very interested in learning more coding. If anyone is active on that site, and would be willing to help me progress my coding abilities, that would be awesome. I am pretty good at coding, I can follow instructions pretty well, Iā€™m just not 100% sure what codes are for/do what.

Anyway, if someone would help me out, that would be great :blush:

Using discord and going to coding resources would be most useful. And ofc we actively use it, thats where all our code comes from.

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If you are capable of coding and want to become active as a developer on knockturn, you can apply as a spell dev trainee and u will get a mentor assigned who will teach u how to code spells. You can apply in #ask-the-dev on discord, tho we are currently out of mentors as alot of people want to learn java and help the server. Even tho as u are in the eastern timezone. Finding a suitable mentor could be quite rough.

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Awesome, thanks!

Awesome, thank you so much!!!

the easiest way to learn is to harass me to stream since im in your time zone and often am quite lazy. Asking me to stream so you can see someone actively coding is a good way. Then you spend time on your own, get to see active code and ask questions about it.

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That would be awesome!!!

Never dare to ping pandetta ;D Just keep attention to the global channel as streaming developers are announced there.

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@Bess_Days please do not necropost.