Coin Renaming

Hello all,

Shortly we will be introducing a new currency to Knockturn that will take the place of Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts as the central currency. When this happens we need a new name for the currency.

These are the current options that lore team has to offer, but it seemed appropriate, since this is going to be something bigger to affect all, that we might ask the community how they feel about it.

Renaming Galleons
  • Gimbals
  • Orbs

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Renaming Sickles
  • Solars
  • Circlets
  • Selenics
  • Pieces

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Renaming Knuts
  • Bits
  • Pebbles

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For those curious, or those who just didn’t think of this, there will be an exchange rate. The new currency will be 1 Biggest Coin to 6 Galleons. All shops will be prices to be the same worth as they currently are. The goal in changing this, is to make the largest coin worth a bit more, and therefore you will be able to hold more value in your inventory, and hopefully mean counting. Things will all be set to lower values (ie: Name changes will cost 100 Biggest, Floo will be ~2-3 Smallest, Wands will be 1 large 1 medium 6 small etc). In the end, everything will be about the same cost, you will just get more value from each coin, that way you will be able hold a worth of 13,824 galleons in your inventory without extra inventory, which is indeed a small fortune.