Coming back - Five or so years later

Hello! So I used to play on this server a lot around five years ago? But back then, I was just some ten year old girl, and now things have changed a lot. I’ve seen how restarting isn’t allowed but with that I’m stuck with a character I don’t even remember nor really care about, instead of being able to start fresh from the ground up again. I get not restarting due to the family name, but it’s been a handful of years and yet I can’t be someone new unless I buy another minecraft account, yet I am only fifteen years old. I know whatever staff looks this over would probably say ‘you can’t reset it’, but I’m hoping someone might just listen? I really don’t want to have to pay any sort of currency [in-game or ooc] to just renew my account :confused:

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Also my old username was Rose38, and my new one is LilHoneyBee_

Welcome Back!

You cannot start over, however much has changed on the server. One of the great new features is a quests plugin. If you do /spawn, you’ll get tp’d to the Leaky Cauldron and can talk to Tom for getting started with that. The quests will reintroduce new and old features and give you some great freebies.

Beyond that, we still have an amazing community of helpers, staff, and general users who are always happy to help someone get reacquainted.

If it’s your house, gender, or name you have issue with, those are all changeable with some effort on your part.

Is there a reason players who haven’t been on for five or so years can’t just reset? I’d assume any account that hasn’t logged on for that long would be forgotten or deleted from whatever records keep them in. And I really don’t want to have to pay any sort of currency, as stated above, just to change things :<

While I don’t have an answer for your question I would like to add that 1) getting currency on the server is decently easy and gets easier as you level your spells up and 2) tons of stuff on the server cost in-game currency. Building blocks if you don’t want to get them yourself in mining world, more wands, food, books, etc. So having to pay in-game currency to change your name (to change your house you just become year 3 and make an application but gender you can change for free) isn’t too much of a reach.

This being an RP server, the idea is that you don’t control what life you’re born into, you deal with the cards life gives you. So there isn’t a special command for it. Bear with my shaky response since I don’t handle backend things. The bits I’ve heard and understood, user data is in a database that’s not made accessible much less editable by even most of the owners. Additionally, the fundamental policy is simply no special snowflakes, so we avoid making special exceptions without very good reason. Say we did allow a reset for someone gone for 5 years, next we have someone gone for 4 years who wants that ability, then someone gone for 3 years.

You haven’t actually stated what you would want reset, considering most things can be changed, there’s likely a way to change something. Resetting changes your name, house, gender, and class progress. The first 3 can be changed at any point. And all class progress was reset for your year, so you’ll be on lesson 1 of your year anyways. If you’re a 2Y or above, you can simply attend 1Y classes to see the content you missed.