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Hey guys,

So the first thing we are going to put out there is Diseases. It’s been a complaint in the past, and in the past month, it was parred down an awful lot. At this stage, do you feel that diseases is a problem/ want it removed from the server?

  • Yes- remove it!
  • No- its fine!

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Time to kick off something possibly controversial…

The whole concept of diseases, as a player of mainly Hogwarts it feels as though diseases was thrust upon the players because Mordonia did it; there was no issues when Hogwarts didn’t have diseases and nobody really cared that they weren’t there, but I for one (yes I know that I’m also likely alone in this statement) feel slightly restricted in what I can and can’t do and when I can and can’t play. For example, I don’t necessarily carry around armor, ice, clothing in general whilst on the Hogwarts side of the server as I like to keep a clear inventory other than my wand and my apparition license so I feel as though I can’t play when the server is in the months of December - March because of the snow, and the same can be said for the summer months; my player seems to get hot very quickly, and without ruining my inventory (my opinion on it being ruined is having more than my license and wand / broom if I own one) seems extremely excessive to play on a server that I love for A) the community and B) the fact that it’s harry potter. As a consequence of my views, I feel that it’s unnecessary to have the disease plugin - there was no problems prior to it being put in, but I feel as though there are problems now. And for the players who see no problem in needing ice, armor and things alike; I understand where you’re coming from “it’s just a little bit of space” but some people like to keep things in a certain way, and never to mess with that. Over the past couple of years, KTN has developed; both in ways I see as negative and positive, now while I’m not Pande and I can’t turn around and say I don’t like this, that and this so get rid of it, I can freely air my opinion and sadly, this is one of the negative developments.

TL:DR No. Get rid of it. It’s unnecessary and feels forced because Mordonia has it.


I’m with @Draco on this one.

The idea of diseases was to add more of a RP environment into the server, and to allow the medic ranks some sense of usefulness in the RP. That’s perfectly fine by me in the Mordonia server. Now starting the controversy, whoever thought it was a good idea to force the diseases thing on Hogwarts, I respect your opinion, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Hogwarts isn’t exactly the place where people carry clothes/armor/weapons in their inventory, and most people just carry around some spare change, a wand, a license, maybe a few spellbooks for those pesky spells you can’t remember. It just becomes really bothersome for a LOT of players on there. Especially for new players who barely have any resources to start with. Nor does it make sense for the constant temperature thing to be present as I’m sure many simply like Hogwarts as it is instead of it turning into an RP server.


To clarify ~ Diseases was a plan on Hogwarts for awhile ~ to add more use for cures etc and potions. However, we haven’t gotten to adding those to begin with. The goal wasn’t to remove it permanently, but to remove it until those are implemented and then have it tested on our up/coming beta server by any user who would like to test it. ~

So for those who didn’t vote no bc you thought it meant it was gone gone forever without hope of return ~~~~

I say wait until it is more fleshed out and everything is finished. I don’t think it should remain on the server in the half-finished form it’s in now. I see very little point to it right now.


I think it could be better if we add iron ingots or buckets to Wiseacre’s

If that’s the case, I’d recommend to leave the disease plugin off of Hogwarts for a long while until the cures/potions are successfully tested. However, if a specific potion/cure is limited by Years in the server it might raise questions about how specific individuals may be afflicted by these specific diseases.

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In my opinion, limiting cures by year could be plausible simply because some cures may require complexity that a younger student may have. But I do agree that all diseases should affect all students equally.

IMO the biggest issue I see with diseases right now is that it feels kind of pointless to just have temperature. It feels like a sheer nuisance. However I feel that temperature could be a lot more fun to play with once actual diseases are implemented.

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I feel that many ppl from mord voted without seing Hogwarts recent reconfig in temperature, please check it out and see it’s not as easy to change temperature as it was in Mord


I’m not the biggest fan of the disease plugin. I often find myself waiting at fires or on ice for a really, really long time before reaching normal temp. I think that making the effects not as harsh would be useful, considering that the first stage is nausea, then slowness, then damage, then death.

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Hogwarts has always been an RP server, what are you talking about? ^^

Even then, diseases should only be pushed when all of the potionwork behind it has been finalised and is exactly how the dev team and yourself want it to be. Until it is fully engrained into the RP, it seems pushed… heavily pushed onto the players.

Not arguing with you. Or did you misreply?

Misreply; meant to be a general reply but clicked reply to your comment rip.


Further adding to my point, I currently can’t do anything on hogwarts… Why? Im either constantly blinded or nauseated because I’m either “too hot!” or “hypothermic” this plugin is and always will be unnecessary and forced until all components are combined together- until then remove it.

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