Conform Emmae to server chat rules

As of right now, Emmae does not follow the server rules concerning chat, as it is clearly seen in the following screenshots:

caps lock:

caps lock and to be honest really questionable content ?

Is this a threat ? What is this even:

My suggestion would be to make sure that none of the messages she can send do violate the server chat rules.

Why it will be good:
First of all, this is server software and should already comply with the rules set out by the server.
Second of all, the moderators/admins/owners are usually quite quick at pointing out chat rule violations (I am looking at you Ryder) and that is their job, but it doesn’t really feel fair for a user to see Emmae doing the same stuff without the ability to be punished by mods as, well she is software.

How it will work in code/other functions
Remove rule breaking messages. If the messages are generated by some sort of AI, which I doubt as messages reappear a lot anyway, the AI needs to be retrained.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
I believe Pandetta Bell is the developer/admin in charge.

Which server?
Network wide


I 100% agree with this. Mostly because a user once said “If Emmae can do it I can do it too!” Even though this was probably a joke it still makes a point.

Yes :clap: thank :clap: you :clap: finally :clap: someone :clap:


I also agree. Sets a bad example / precedent and also just isn’t the type of content we really want in global.

someone else can go edit emmae’s words then ~ i don’t got time. /// I’ll add daniel to emmae python and he can do the changes.

Will have a look at this sometime this week~