Cooldown on classes

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Have classes available whenever people want to take them and have a cooldown for maybe 2 hours till they can take the next lesson

Why it will be good:
For people with tough schedules, they can take the classes whenever it is possible

How it will work in code/other functions
There is a sign on the desk of each class, and you right click it to take the class, if you are on the cooldown it gives you an error message

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
I honestly have no clue because I do not know the devs

Which server?


The current system is made so that people with tough schedules can still attend classes and not miss out on any. A class once every hour is already too long according to some so 5 hours is like… way too long. I get the idea but I don’t think it’s really necessary since most can attend all classes even with tough schedules, correct me if I’m wrong. Feel free to elaborate a bit more if you’d like :slight_smile:

it makes it more efficient for people and the cooldown can be changed to lower, so ‘missing classes’ isnt a thing, and everyone can have the same luxury of yearing up

Can you tell me how you miss a class though? As far as I know classes aren’t always on the same time nor are they the same subject…

No. The class system is setup the way it is so everyone can take them. The reason there are ‘gaps’ in the schedule is where a ‘higher’ level class takes its place so there are no classroom conflicts. Its not to punish people or be annoying. There is only a gap of 1 hour between classes, ie: if there is a first year class at 4 pm, there may or may not be a 5 pm, but if there is not a 5 pm, there IS a 6pm.

The class system is more frequent than most places, and one of the most frequent we had it set to. There is nothing wrong with it, and there is so much to do on the server besides classes also.