CrystalmtG + Other various staff | Abuse

So, basically as the title explains, staff make up rules as they go like “no puns in global” just because they can, which by the way are NOT listed on
And enforce them like their lives depend on it, so, just because I pointed that out they tell me stop arguing, okay that’s fine and dandy, I said nothing else except to a friend in local, 20 minute mute, I’ve never seen more blatant misuse of power I mean, if a developer can abuse power why are we giving mere mods the ability to create and enforce fictional rules, punishing people as they see fit even when they STOPPED, this is not the first case everyone’s just sick and tired of it, this server used to feel safe I mean next thing you know they’ll make a rule saying you can’t report staff and punish me, apparently they can at will, I understand there are times they /need/ to lay down the law, but they shouldn’t have the power to make rules that are completely ridiculous… they’re not out of /need/ they’re out of /desire/
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I should add, “warned multiple times” I was warned by smile like 4-6 real life hours ago and I stopped, then she wasnt even the one that warns me this time and jumps in with a mute after I said nothing, and she was nowhere nearby locally, so yeah, warned “multiple” times 1 time each in 2 completely separate instances by 2 separate people its like a gang

While it’s true that it’s not in the rules staff warned you several times and told you to drop it which should be enough. And this is not something that they made in the moment it’s a rule we’ve been enforcing for a while, still we’ll look into updating the rules ^-^

Thank you for your report :slightly_smiling_face:

Read up about the warnings, and you cant do that the main owner has to handle staff reports I thought?

Generally any admin+ can and I’ve been online for a while and have seen staff warning you today a few times.

Just wanna be that last one to chime in: that rule has been in effect for two years because of the APP puns that spam the crap out of global. It isn’t made up, it was made for the sole purpose of reducing people spamming global with numerous annoying messages repetitively bc it was making global unpleasant for so many people.

For the same reason arguing in global makes global uncomfortable for soooo many people who fear conflict. As someone who has often been the cause of arguments in global in the past, that rule isn’t even directly targetting users it was made bc I was setting a crap example and we wanted people to enjoy the server not be upset by global content