Daisy's Art Store - Art, Clothing, and an ARMOR CRATE KEY? **UPDATED**

Welcome and ready yourselves for some art. You can buy materials, canvases, and easels here for lower, though stocks can be low sometimes.

Right now, we’re even selling an armor crate key for the highest bidder! (Reply to me in the comment down below) The starting bid is 20 though, since most pay at least 20.

You can also buy a custom made portrait, that’s right, a custom portrait for your house! Ooh!~ (I will try and make some whenever in the next 3-4 days if i get accepted as artist. it’s been there for like 25d xD) From bread, to portraits of yourself, and of course memes! You can get a portrait of a meme for free (if you spend at least 3 crowns). Each custom made portrait can be from 1 piece to 10 pieces, deciding on the complexity, Though, if it’s a larger piece, it will cost more!

Oh yeah, and come to buy some fine fabric for yourself! It will be luxurious, from gold and silk, to flannel and cotton for the coldest days. Live in the heat? In, the hot burning souls sun? Well, we still got ya, you can buy a pair of shorts, shoes, and a jacket that reacts to temperature! Cool right? And let’s double that! If you buy at least 1 thing, jackets, shirts, shoes, shorts, you get another thing free! You can choose your fabric, we have many things to offer. Below are all the prices.

I almost forgot, you can buy a digital drawing of anything. Message The_Doggsterrr on the forums or Doggsterrr#1332 (More responsive on the forums and in MC) Name your price. Though, if you want something in hogs, i.g. your pet owl, it costs galleons! If you want something in mord i.g. You and your family/ you and your house, it will cost pieces / crowns.

Hm, anything else? I’m not sure…

Oh. Of course, duh, I have more to say. Now, you can buy poem books made by yours truly, and any other book requests. You want a full lore on a certain family name? You got it. Need a full lore on a kingdom? Done. Need a recipes book? Sure. Want something relaxing about someone/something special? We have it! Order now with the form down below.

So there’s my little store, Most of it will come by mail or if you live somewhere in Rahsaken I may be able to get it to you. For Canvases, I have 20 to sell right now, each costs 50 bits (very cheap, 50 less then a normal canvas), amazing deal!

I will be starting a chain for bidders if you bid for the armor crate key, we will meet at spawn to finalize the deal if it comes to that. I am Daisy_Doggy and have sold an armor crate key before to Muzika/Jordan/Alexandros (idk how to spell) so I guess Jordan knows I can trade without scams.

The custom made portraits cost 1 piece+ (depends on complexity). You must tell me what you’re looking for, and/or a reference. If you spend at least 3 crowns in the store, you can get a free meme painting of a meme of your choice. (please specify)

For the skins, the options are:


and the subcategories:

-Dual (two categories)
-Triple (three categories in one outfit)
-Shirts, pants, shoes come together, shirts, shorts, shoes come together (no extra cost) shirts, overalls come together

Each will cost a certain amount depending on the style, the rarity, the complexity, and ye.
People who have received skins from me:
Vincent Gael
Meow Malfoy
Aria Booth
Rose Booth
Tahj Gaunt

Here are my skins:

Digital art, NYP, you choose the price, you choose whatevre you want me to draw for you

Writing, My character, Daisy Thorner, loves to write. She writes poems, lore, stories, just choose what you want and she’ll write about it. She can also research topics if you need it.

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Bid Here for an Armor Crate Key

SB: 20 Crowns
MI: n/a
AB: 1000 Crowns

There may be a second auction for another armor crate key soon.

Bid here for a Supplies Crate Key
SB: 3 Crowns
MI: n/a
AB: 500 Crowns (your girl can dream >:V)