Database Data Loss

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Describe the issue
Anyone that had their character logged into Miningworld as their last world before the update has lost all Database info relevant to towny - /balance, /homes

Request for Solution
What you think is the correct Solution
I can’t tell.
Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.

It’s not a database loss, the database is 100% backed up. What you mean is that Essential’s failed to save the data because there was no room on the server since the Mining World world was 17 GB (from users going out past 10k) and the towny world is currently 9GB (for the same reason.) Since the entire server had 30 GB max, some of the files failed to save. Anything before that point should have been saved, but if the towny server was up for a long time, it would have kept most of this in memory, therefore causing this issue where its not saved on shut down.

Unfortunately it’s not recoverable, especially home points, but perhaps a co-owner could help replace the /balance, especially since the only function of balance is buying a towny and it’s only 10k to prevent overloading the towny server with single towns from users who don’t stick around more than 1 second.

@Daniel you closed this, but did a coowner try n come up with a solution for his missing money?