Death Note

This will be a Mafia-styled version of an RP

ONE person will be chosen to become a carrier of the Death Note, and ONE other person will become the detective. (Both who are chosen must be EXTREMELY active, otherwise your character will be killed RP and your role passed on.) In order to make this a fair game, other NPC characters will be provided and will act in RP actions that are unpredictable to both the Death Note user and the Detective.

The Innocents’ is to survive, but keep in mind that the Death Note user will need to see your face at least once in order to murder you. Whether that be on social media, in person, or over television. The Innocent can also report details to the Detective AND to the Death Note user. Learn to figure out who is who quickly.

Also, both the Death Note User and the Detective will be unable to reveal their roles to the Innocent until one side wins. The Death Note User wins if they manage to kill a certain percentage of people. The Detective/Innocent win if the Death Note User is found.
(Note: If the Detective is killed, it will be announced, and another user will be chosen at random to become the new Detective.)

Now: All of your characters will know each other prior to the events. The game truly starts when the Death Note User kills ONE person, or a clue is found by the Detective.

If you are killed, please stay silent and don’t DM the others about clues leading to the Death Note User. You may still talk in ( ).

I personally will not be RPing, instead acting as the game moderator of sorts. So have fun betraying/Finding out who each others’ roles are. Keep in mind that this is STILL AN RP. Your character will do actions, and you must accomplish your goal.


Name: Kaneki Ken
Appearance: White hair, pale skin, black clothing, and modest height of 5"10’
Age: 21

Name: Quinn Hollister
Appearance: Tan skin, shoulder length curly black hair, blue eyes, 5’3, normally wears gray leggings and a black hoodie
Age: 16

Name Alan Brown
Appearance long brown hair blue eyes 5’8 black hoodie and black pants
Age 13

Name: Terri Night
Appearance: 5’ 4’ Long black hair wonr down. Deep blue eyes
Age: 22