December Events Extravaganza

Hello Everyone,

This December we will be hosting 25 days of events! Each day of the first 25 days of December will have a different event hosted during the day. In order to provide for people in different timezones, events on week days will occur twice, once in the morning and once in the evening, and events on weekends will occur between 12-3 PM EST.

For every event, participating will earn you 1 Doll of a random harry potter character (Each event will have a specific doll assigned to it, but you won’t know which doll til the day of the event!)

Winning an event will earn you a prize of Holiday Bulbs, a currency you will need to use to purchase items in our event shop which will feature exclusive items for this event, though if you do miss the event or don’t earn enough bulbs during the event, these items will be available in the donation shop on January 31st.

You will also be able to earn bulbs from mobs through out the entirety of December, at a drop rate that will be based on the level of the mob.

The current event list and dates are as follows (These may change over the coming days):