Defense Against the Dark Arts Club!

Defense Against the Dark Arts Club

The Defense Against the Dark Arts Club of Hogwarts is a group that strives to better the safety of the people!

What is it?

The club is meant for the teaching, practicing, and putting to use of everyday spells but to defend! Meaning they learn spells for defending themselves against the Dark Arts ranging from as simple as Protego, to more complex spells that can even keep out those pesky Apparaters!

Where and When?

The clubroom is located in the Runic Corridor right next to Ancient Runes and the school library!

Meetings and events are scheduled when most members of the club are available

How do I join?
You must have at least 10 house points and be a member of Hogwarts for 1+ week as well as active.

Reply below to this topic with the following format or submit a book and quill with it in the club mailbox:


Minecraft Username:
Roleplay Name:
Favorite Spell?


  1. Respect eachother
  2. Follow all server and global rules whilst meeting
  3. New members must be approved by Gabby
  4. No purposely disrupting meetings and events
  5. Have fun when doing activities!


Gabby [ Gabbymort ] Spiritus
Bellona [ Narwhaldo ] Spiritus
Lily [ Animeisbae ] Mather

(Will be updated as people apply, so we’re having everyone who is currently part of the club reapply)
Updated when needed

  • Gabby Spiritus
  • Bellona Spiritus
  • Lily Mather
  • Sofia Blishwick
  • Emily Stump
  • Alex Lee
  • Jordan Phillips
  • Draco Granger
  • Ethan Lovegood
  • Maya Lovegood
  • Alder Campbell



Next Meeting: TBA
Next Event: TBA

Contact Gabby if you have any questions.
Note: The club room coords are 2027 59 3125


Minecraft Username: JoeyOreo_Batman
Roleplay Name: Joey Spencer
Year: 1
House: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw at Heart
Favorite Spell?
Cannon: Patronus; Server: Rictusempra, Baubillious
Timezone: Central

Minecraft Username: Animeisbae
Roleplay Name: Lily Mather
Year: 3
House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Spell? Alarte ascendare -v-
Timezone: GMT+1
(didn’t know if I had to reapply but I did anyways)

I may not be active enough but
Minecraft Username: xVioletSky
Roleplay Name: Sofia Blishwick
Year: 3
House: Gryffindor
Favorite Spell? Blauflamma, rictusempra, or prosiliox
Timezone: EST

Minecraft username: ses011
Role-play name: Emily Stump
Year: 3
House: Gryffindor
Favorite spell: Umm… episkey since I’ll pass on dying today thanks xD
Timezone: EST

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Minecraft Username: Profitman
Roleplay Name: Alex Lee
Year: 2
House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Spell? Stupefy
Timezone: Vancouver

Minecraft Username: Muzika
Roleplay Name: Jordan Phillips
Year: 3
House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Spell?: Miedo
Timezone: PST

@Muzika @Profitman @Sofia @Stumpy Just updated the post, welcome to the club!

Thank you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Minecraft Username: Tenrecgamer2000

Roleplay Name: Illiment Carrow

Year: 2

House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Spell? Incitatio

Timezone: EST

@Tenrec Sadly this Club is currently inactive and you cannot apply.

Please check the tags attached at the top.

Soz didn’t read apparently