Definitely Not All the 2019 Knockturn Statistics (but some)

Definitely Not All the 2019 Knockturn Statistics

This year brought many things such as the new class system and many new members. We also said goodbye to some players with Mordonia this year. As 2019 (and this decade) comes to an end, I have some fun statistics to share for this year! :sparkler:

One big update this year was with our automated class system, although we did not say goodbye entirely to player-taught classes.

In 2019, Smile King taught the most classes with 33 classes! Our dedicated group of professors taught a total of 202 classes this year! That’s about 3.6 professor taught classes a week.

The most classes taught within a week (August 19-25) was 23! Thank you professors!

We had many new staff additions as well. This year, we had 125 staff applications! Out of those, 76 applications were accepted! That’s a 61% acceptance rate.

In 2019, we had 2,786 (thank you Emmae for counting) new users join! We have a total of 801 members on our Discord server.

The Helper team logged a total of 1,832 players guided, tickets, and questions answered (there are doubtlessly countless ones that were not logged).

Out of those LOGGED: There were 203 new players hand guided and 434 helpop tickets answered this year.

We also had our fair share of naughty kids with a total of 139 logged punishments.

We couldn’t have done all of this without our cool team and players (and google sheets lol). As of right now, we have 7 on our all-girls Owner team, 3 Admins, 5 Moderators, 8 Professors, 6 Professor Assistants, 10 Builders, 7 Devs, 13 Lore Members, 6 Helpers, and 6 Texture Artists.

Happy new year from Knockturn! :fireworks:


This is kinda kewl xD


Yee we definately need another one next year ;o

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Happy New Year lovelies!! <3

cough 6 mods :stuck_out_tongue: cough