Despair and Destruction

I was following this tutorial on getting face and head proportions correct, and as it got to the faces, what-was-supposed-to-be-Seph started looking a little… Old. So, I started messing around and now–

I am concerned.

And I am in pain.


I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry


I love it XD

This actually looks very realistic :open_mouth:

It’s beautifal ~<33333

Inspiration from this icon:
Principal vs. Deer

Watch all of it.

Oh my gosh! Hahahahaha! I’m dying! This is so funny. Way to go, Seph. 10/10

omg dis is just strange but absolutely hilarious Seph xD

I saved that to my camera roll, so if you’re in need of a laugh attack, just Pm me on discord XDD

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