Destiny's Bar

Hello Destiny Sinistra here

I recently bought a shop in Londen and have turned it into a study lounge/bar/shop.

I sell a variety of drinks and replenish my supply of items often. I will host parties and I have a chessboard along with snaps competions. Drinks are cheap and I will brew special drinks.
I also host events run by me, or you could msg/mail me if you want to have an event or party hosted here!

In order to get to my lounge.

First go to spawn
Walk down the same street as the bus is on
Once you reach the intersection, turn left
Keep walking on the left side of the road until you pass the last lapis block.
Reach the giant stone building next to the green building.
Walk inside up the stairs and turn right and walk to room 1.
There you go.

I hope to see you there!

-Destiny Sinistra