Device Head Shop Addition

Lisa’s device head shop is amazing! The objects, atleast in the back of the room are of infinite supply. However, they are only filled up to the letter ‘D.’ Will there be any expansions and more additions to the blocks?

Why it will be good:
They are amazing and add to the beuaty of the server.

How it will work in code/other functions
It will most likely just take texture/block artists

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Of course, people are very busy doing the texture packs for the new update! I understand some blocks in a shop are not a priority, but just hoping they get added to soon/

Which server?


idek what this is

There is a player head shop in diagon alley that sells player heads, and is not completely filled out- it is sorted alphabetically and only goes from A-D in its current state


I think it’d be a great idea! I’ll see the other owners’ and admins’ opinion and if they do agree, we’ll try implementing this :wink:

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We’re working into this- thank you for your suggestion :smiley: