Digital colouring for de first time

Im open to tips and advice- trying to improve. Hope y’all have a great day!



teach me your ways I suck at anything artistic


Did you use separate layers to color? If you did great, if not I recommend making at least four layers. the bottom one would be sketch, then colors, then shading, and last lineart. Although it’s up to you what layer you want shading to be on, I just prefer lineart coming on top. Also what program are you using? And what tablet? Oh for your sketch layer it’s really easy to do lineart if you lower the opacity. Also what’s your drawing process right now like? Oof that’s a lot of words lol it’s a rlly nice piece

Also, I highly recommend using the magic wand tool (I’m not sure what it’s called on the program you’re using) to color areas in, just click on the area (shift click to highlight multiple places) then fill it like that with a jumbo sized pen. It’s also just nice to play around with every tool in the program. Ik there are probably better methods of coloring this is just the easiest for me, and sorry if you already do this

Ooo make use of the brushes, I recommend using a rough (is that how you describe it?) sorta blotchy sandpaper-ish sort of brush for the sand in a slightly lighter color to add texture. I’m not sure if I described it right but I can show you some good brushes to get

WOW that looks amazing, I’m terrible at all art except stick people xD so I love seeing people who get really into it :smile: Great Job :clap::clap:

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Those are some amazing tips! ill be sure to use them. Thank you!

I use krita, and a Wacom intuos


Waaaat how ur god