Discord - Among Us channel

As the title implies, a channel dedicated to Among Us.

Why it will be good:
Among Us has taken Knockturn VCs by storm lately, it simply makes sense to me.

How it will work in code/other functions
You create a channel. That’s it.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Anyone with Discord permissions.

Which server?

Edit: I was asked by Pande to play Among Us while writing this suggestion lmao


You’re referring to a voice channel or text channel? Voice could just go to public games lobby but text I agree, it can be messy in #general for sure.

I disagree for the same reasons i stated. One of the factors of among us is that people join after people see other people play it. If you have a channel separated from the community it is going to result in ppl not playing it. Further, we still dont add random games. If anything there should be an ‘other games’ channel but not specifically for one game or another. in fact I think the ones we have should be removed and just have ‘other games’ and also some other game voices. (Side note if we are going to implement it dont remove league tag, make the league tag the other games tag bc it has a lot of permissions attached to it.)

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