Discord different voice channels

Delana wrote this on discord and asked someone to post it here :smiley: :

Delana Collins :

Don’t know if this is the right channel but i might have an idea for the discord server: how bout there are different voice channels for different languages? For ppl who would like to talk to others but aren’t fluent in English?

Well not all of our VCs are generally occupied by people and there have been times where people of non-english backgrounds jsut chat with other people who speak with the same language in those VCs.

Love the idea but just have a feeling that it’s not really something that is in demand. Possibly if there are more people active on discord VCs and the server gets bigger we’ll maybe consider it but for the time being I think the number of VCs we have are good enough :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion! (Sorry for the late response tho >.<)
~Smolo :sunflower: