Diseases Plugin Beta - Hogwarts

Author Pandetta
Version 1.0

Hello everyone,
I am pleased to announced the disease plugin beta. This is the initial release of the disease plugin and therefore expect some bugs/changes to come.

In the beta the only ‘disease’ in the disease plugin is hypothermia and heat stroke. Neither of which are truly a disease.


Temp and temperature are the same command but temp is short form. Health currently tells you temperature/diseases (not really useful since we don’t have any diseases).

Temperature gives you a nice layout of how the temperature around you effects you.

You cannot see the number version of your temperature
You can only see what range you’re in, normal, chilly, freezing, hypothermic, warm, hot, overheating.
However, ambient temp will tell you how much you will change over time. This is a good reference for now, in the future this might be changed to tell you an approximation and details might be an admin command. For now you have all kind of data.


Of course, all of this will change over time, and we will play with the configurations until its not unbearable, but it will have an effect. Early on the temperature may be annoying, but we will fiddle until its to the point where you guys aren’t sighing every time you get hot or cold.

Hospitals -
The hospital wing will slowly turn to back to normal temperature. (VERY SLOWLY) but it will happen. Additionally dying will reduce your temperature.

Warm/Hot Drinks -
Milk Buckets / Water buckets in the crafting table with a snow ball = cold drinks
Milk Bucket / Water buckets in a furnace = hot drinks

Drinking them too soon can be painful, but drinking them too late can mean you get barely any effect.

If I missed anything, I will update this post~



I just want to thank you for doing so much for all of us. You work super hard for this server and we are all super grateful for that!

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I turned myself into a crispy burn victim. I’m smart.


Imma just watch myself chug all the warm milk I can while I’m freezing my butt off in the glaciers

:> am so excited to get roasted!