Divine Right

Hello Hello Hello! Yes, I am not dead. However, it seems the roleplay section is! I have returned with @Geentiger829 in order to revive your dead roleplays. We’ll start, with this one. This one is really a mash up of like… a lot of ideas so everyone can find something they like.

Plot: Angels are beginning to bring chaos to Earth due to being misguided without God. This is starting a war between Heaven and Hell. The apocalypse is just beyond the horizon. The immense power of the clash is scaring mother Earth, leaving behind supernatural rifts. Unknowingly, humans have absorbed this power and have become mother Earth’s self defense mechanism. How will these supernatural and confused people react to the onslaught? We will start after the seal of angels is broken and angels and demons have just started walking among humans.

Rules: In this role play, you can be whatever the heck you want. I mean it. If you want, you can be one of the angels listed, or ever a demon. However, I am extremely biased against overpowered role players. I will be very strict on how op you can be. Angels and Demons will be on their own level, however the supernatural humans will have the handicap of being HUMAN. Treat every post in a fight as you doing something, but also a chance for your opponent to react. There will be no insta-kills, and I will referee all fights. Everyone will have the chance to lose so role play fair. If you chose to be a demon or angel, you can choose a different side as long as your motivation is good enough. You may also play multiple characters, just don’t overload me with too many at once xD



Format To Join:
RP Name:
Race: (If not human, you must be one of the aforementioned angels or demons.)
Alinement: (Heaven/Hell/Human)
Powers: (Literally anything not overpowered.)
Motivation: (The reason your character fights for their side)
Description: (What they look/act like)
Background: (Minor insight into where they came from, details to be revealed in rp)

RP Name: Licht Alatroth
Race: Human
Alinement: Human
Powers: Alchemy
Motivation: Licht wants to chase the truth. He rejects heaven for doing nothing to protect his brother, and rejects hell for keeping his brother.
Description: Licht is 5’ 10", with a muscular build. He usually wears a black shirt under his red velvet alchemist cape and dark jeans. His hair is sandy blonde and emerald green eyes.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Background: Licht lost his brother at a young age and was devastated. He took up alchemy in order to hide his pain. He actually is really good at it. Before he knew it, an angel tricked him into doing human transmutation in order to start breaking the seals of angels.

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Format To Join:
RP Name: Zeila Ramirez
Race: Human
Alinement: Human
Powers: She can summon snakes and talk to them. (If dats alright :3)
Motivation: Uhhh
Description: Zeila is tall and thin, with short, choppy black hair that comes to her chin. She usually wears a mask to cover a large scar that goes from her forehead to her cheek. Her eyes are a bright green with yellow flecks inside. Her voice is smooth and low, and her movements are fluid and quick.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Background: She grew up around reptiles because her father loved them, and that’s where she got her scar. (My mind is kinda blanking rn and I kinda know what I want to happen but eh) Basically her parents died - when she was 14 - and she’s been almost on her own since.


RP Name: Zach brimstone
Race: human
Alinement: Human
Powers: yin and yang, but he does not know, so he usually just uses to desert eagles with explosive rounds to stun.
Motivation: his entire family was killed by demons. But hates angels as well because they started.
Description: (picture)
Age: 16
Gender: male
Background: has a deep hate for angels and demons. Does not know he has his powers. His entire family died.

(What he looks like)


(Hi don’t mind me, and I’m sorry if I’m not as active as I should. Can I be one of the listed demons? Lilith. Not sure if I need approval or something so just asking :smiley:)

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(Yep that works. Just make sure you have an idea of who you are playing :3 btw you all can play multiple characters if you’d like)

RP Name: Michael
Race: Angel
Alinement: Heaven
Powers: He’s the strongest archangel
Motivation: He wants freedom from God and to prove his is better.
Description: Look in the bible, I’m lazy.
Age: Old as time I guess
Gender: Male
Background: Read the bible.

(Kay we can start :3)

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(Aw heck that’s OOC for ol Michael there)
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(You know what, I’m going OORP)


Michael stands with a blank stare, looking at all of his father’s creations. “Why did dad love you all so? You are nothing more then toys.” He sighed, glancing at his sword. “Maybe cleansing this earth will prove how wrong you were.”

A giant pile of meat layed on the ground. Zach hid in the shadows waiting. There was a soft growl and the ground shaked alittle. A demon was near. It could smell food so it went for it. As he stepped on near the meat Zach cut a rope dropping a huge assortment of metals and heavy objects on it killing it. He walks over and uses it’s sword to cut off it’s horn and takes it. “Good riddance ya beast.”

RP Name: Lilith
Race: Demon
Alinement: None, whichever helps her the most. Mostly hell though
Powers: Regular demon powers, shape shifting (If that isn’t included)
Motivation: Forced Patriarchy
Description: Longer black hair, green eyes, grayish skin (This is my interpretation, if it’s is utterly wrong please tell me)
Age: As old as Adam
Gender: Female
Background: Adam’s supposed first wife, etc.
(Just so you all know, I’m doing kind of my own interpretation of Lilith, and I am sorry if I am not strictly like her. I am trying to keep her core personality and such though)


(Can I be aligned to the animals of earth? Rather then the humans?)

(You dont have to be spot on, just as long as you understand the basic idea of her. Also yes, the environment is an option if you don’t like humans, demons or angels. @Derek )

Licht stood horrified at his own body hands. Only now had he realized what he had done. “No… why…” he muttered. His life had gone from downhill to the deepest depths of hell. When most would’ve wanted to die, he was filled with the fury to crawl out. “I won’t let it end like this… for your sake.”

Lilith chuckled at all of the action around “Oh my goodness Adam, what have you done! Maybe it can fall!” Lilith morphed into a snake and slithered around the land, looking to cause trouble (Thanks Ollie!)


(Alright, I’m gonna have Michael bug Zach, you wanna have Lilith bug someone else?)

Michael gracefully strides into the carnage. He spotted a boy slaughtering a demon and a small smirk appeared on his face. “You there. You seem to have a handle on this demon slaying thing.” He said, his voice soft and soothing. It was like a song the manipulates you into trusting him.

“do I, and what do you want.”
He said as he twisted his knife in a dead demons head to get it out.

Michael raised a hand and soon the blade was in his hand, resting gracefully. “What I want, is to know what you would do.” His smirk disappeared and he seemed completely emotionless. “If there is an apple, do you eat it or destroy it?”

(With pleasure. Mind if I bother your other character Ollie?)