Does anyone actually make these anymore?

I’m not sure if anyone actually makes these anymore- haven’t seen one in a while, so I figured I’d make mine. If I didn’t already make mine. I feel like I made one already, but I searched for my posts and I didn’t find one… soooo- here.

Hi. I’m Ava. Err- I’m a person. It’s pretty interesting you know? Humans. I’m a proud hufflepuffle- I like building too. OH and leaves. Leaves are great. I’m the worst at remembering things- oh and names for things… and what I said or wrote or technically typed two seconds ago. This is going downhill. Wellll- my favorite color… I think yellow is great. Might be bias tho- huffle and all. Ohhh and I really like building with leaves. Not just leaves and building, the two combined are great too. What else do people mention here? Er- oh I was about to say “what else do people message here” instead of mention. But you know, that wouldn’t make sense. Oh yes- I’m a weirdo. That too. My favorite food is soup. Soup is great… except for tomato soup. Bleh. What else do I write here? Uuuh- trees are great too. Yes, leaves and trees are amazing. I don’t know why I’m making an introduction now- better late then never. Again- I’m not sure if I already made one. Well, I like pigs. Pigs are also great. I have two cats named pig and oink if you didn’t know- insert cute pictures of pig and oink here OH WAIT I CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT. One second. Well- it won’t actually be a second because it’s not like it’s gonna take a second because once I post this it’s gonna exist all at the same time. Never mind…

Cat Pictures

here’s cat pictures… IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_3459 IMG_3464

Pig was chasing a chicken bone, and stealing my marker. Oink was just being oink. She doesn’t really like pictures. Idk if those pictures actually loaded because I’m on my phone- sooo hopefully that worked.

Anywayyy- hi. I’m Ava. I ran out of things to say, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Omg that rhymed. Do you guys say “O M G” when you read it or “oh my god”. Idk.

Update: I read through and found things that other people mentioned.

Update: I started typing stuff and I already forgot what I was typing.

Update: I still don’t remember.

Also: why do I keep saying update.

OH I REMEMBERED: oh wait no I didn’t. Let me go check again.

Update: I remembered. Let me type it out quickly before I forget.

Hi. I take Latin- uuuh I forgot again. OH I have ADHD.

Update: I forgot again.

Ok bye. I think I wrote too much. Sorrrrry! :leaves: :heart: idk what other emojis to put so I’m gonna go now. I already wrote bye. What am I doing…

Edit: Update: should I put edit update or just update? I came up with another fact. My favorite show is NCIS- and I bug ash about it all the time, so she basically knows the entire series without actually watching any of it. Ok bye for real now. Unless I come up with more facts.