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Problem : I have been banned from the donation store

Request for Solution : I have done nothing wrong, or at least nothing to my knowledge. So I’m assuming it is some type of bug, for I have done nothing but purchase many items from the store. I would very much like to empty my bank account into the purchasing of dolls, however I cannot for I am banned. If there is a way to un-ban me, that would be greatly appreciated.

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It probably automatically banned you, let me look at it. I have never banned anyone


What message did you get that makes you think you are banned?


hmm let me send this to tebex

I sent them a support ticket hopefully they solve this.

I am gonna try banning you and unbanning you to see if it unglitches

Ok I did it, try now and see if you’re still ‘banned’

Unfortunately I’m still banned. I was hoping that would work lol.

So I contacted them and they said the reason may be because you have previously done a charge back, which means you bought something either from knockturn or another store using buycraft, and then used a system designed to prevent a company committing fraud on you to charge the person back.

I am looking into it, and there may be a way to resolve it, but we have a policy to not accept charge backs from people, especially since it costs us money and time to process them. ie: you may get refunded the money but depending on what gateway is used, we may have to pay a fee for you charging back.

I am looking at our logs and I don’t see that you did this to us, is it possible you charged back to another server using buycraft?

It’s good to know this, because you may be banned not just from us but from multiple buycraft stores on other servers due to this.

Dang this is intense. I don’t want anyone losing money. I’ll pay what I owe.

Have you ever bought anything from our donation store? I haven’t found anything that would explicitly ban you from our store.

Ive. bought 2 chat colors, 1 wand color, 1 patronus (idk why bc I can’t even cast one), and 1 aura. AND I have a strong urge to buy more things but I cannot ;o;

I white listed you, hope you dont charge us back XD D:

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Thank you so much <3

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