Down Below

Heyo o/ so ya I made a RP. This is kinda the first RP I’ve made so ya it’s probably gonna be terrible but meh. Hope ya like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Earth is in dismay, Sasquatches and Yetis rule the land and mountains the Kraken has repopulated and now rules the oceans, and harpies have taken over the sky, the only safe place now is under ground. The remaining humans have escaped to under ground bomb shelters and abandoned mines, the remainder of the human race is creating civilizations and attempting to conjoin all there underground city’s. They have banded together and created all means of survival it seems that the human race will prevail… But there’s just one problem. For thousands of years a giant worm has been living peacefully in the core of the earth. But due to so many humans tunneling underground it has become restless and will soon awaken. Will humanity die? Will they attempt to take back earth? Or will they fight this beastly worm?


Be logical don’t just be like “owo I killed the worm” try to make it fun and last for a bit, y’all can make roles for yourselves you can make yourself a guard or a worker or something, try to keep it realistic try not to whip out magic or like some sort of sUpEr SwOrD, if ya want you can be in a family or something, you can have relationships with other characters but try to keep it PG. y’all can start where ever you want u can be above ground trying to run or be chillin in a shelter. ya that’s about it, if ya have any questions during the RP feel free to ask me :smile:

How to join






Likes, and Dislikes:


(optional) Background:

(optional) Role:

Here’s my character.

Name: Noah Clark

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: pretty nice but can sometimes get a bit snappy, keeps lots of secrets, rarely opens up to people but still likes to go to social events, but also likes to spend time alone with his pet owl Jack.

Description: 5’11, 159 pounds, fast but weak, short light brown hair, green eyes, light jeans, grey T-Shirt.

Likes: animals, piano, food, baking, board games.

Dislikes: snazzy rich people, spiders, needles, sleeping.

Talent(s): Animals, piano, baking.

(optional) Background: his father and mother died trying to get others into shelters, he has a brother Ben Clark but he lives in a different shelter they talk over radio sometimes. Luckily there towns are attempting to merge by making tunnels.

(optional) Role: Baker.

(“Dislikes: Snazzy Rich People” lmao)

(Yea xD)