Drama Club!

Who are you weirdos?

Oh, we’re just weird musical theater nerds and amazing people. So, basically- we have a list of shows that we plan to perform that alternate between real plays/musicals and original content (written by us) that’s usually Knockturn related, and pretty funny if I do say so myself. We write, prepare, and then perform!

I really don’t care about theater at all Ava.

That’s ok! Are you a master of the flares? Maybe you like recording things?

Here's a list of roles that you can take part in

Playwright (writes the plays duh)
Set Designer (build build)
Costume Designer (make skins)
Choreographer (coordinates movement and dances during the performance)
Special Effects Person (casts a lot of flares and not-so-harmful spells, or even harmful spells- at low wand power. most spells must be nv by the time of performance)
Ticket Seller/Greeter *(such an important job. they sell tickets. they greet the audience as soon as they floo to subyork alley, and they guide them to the theatre. They can be an actor, just can’t be wearing their costume while working on this job.)
Film Person (They record things.)

Of course, you can also be an actor! We might need a few of those after all (aka a ton). Anyway, we’d love for you to join.

What are we performing?

Hm- well, of course I can’t ruin the surprise unless you join the club!

Do I have to talk in a voice chat?

Nope! We’re gonna capture the magic of theater in Minecraft. We might have some instrumentals in a voice chat, just to listen though! So no, talking in a voice chat is not required at all! Anyone is welcome to join. :smiley:

How do I join?

Ah yes. You can contact me or Emma in game, through discord, or just by commenting on this post.

Where even is this weird club?

Well- well, we’re not like other clubs. Jk jk, our club room is in the subyork alley theater! Just floo to subyork alley and then go left and then forward and then left. You’ll find it eventually xD. You can also apparate to 3225 52 5192


I want to join


Can I join even tho I’m banned? I mean, I could be a costume maker, I’m good with pixels and skins! Pls pls pls I rly want to keep contributing to this server even tho I’m banned! (If that’s ok, god, I hope its ok…)

Hi there, the other owners of Drama Club and I have discussed and we only want players who are on the server to be apart of our club. Like Pande said in your “banned club” application, clubs are for people on the server, not players permanently banned from it.

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