Drawing myself an avatar

Drew this:

It’s me as a werewolf (that’s part corgi)

What do you think? Great to hear some feedback ^w^


Omg, I love ur works :heart_eyes: If you need an idea, then draw me xD

Wow thats a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I can’t draw to save my life \o/.

Amazing. I can’t even draw a stick figure right… xD

Sure, what’s your minecraft skin and I’ll see what I can do

Hey if your gonna draw him, if your bored… Draw me next :wink: xD

Sure thing, Zoe

HoraceCrux :slight_smile:

@KagomeBell Curiosity killed the cat, and I’m curious about how my avatar would look in hands other than my own. If you have time, could you draw mine? My username is: commanderjaws

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my ign is: is NerdyOne / Cassie Anderson. Draw my MC skin when your done with his… Thanks :smiley:


Hope you like it 0w0

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O wow how do you do that? Bows down to Kagome

Thank you. Don’t bow down to me, I’m not that good

Is this your skin?

just want to make sure I got the right skin

I love it so much ,thanks <3

yes it is. :smiley:


Hope you like it ^w^

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ty amazing

If your bored or something after your done drawing others, would ya mind drawing mine? Your stuff is that good xD. My username would be: MarshMel

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