Drunkchat disrupts RP channel (displaces the comma)

Bug Description
When someone is extremely drunk, and they try to talk in RP chat, the drunkchat displaces the comma from the start of their message, bumping it into local.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Get completely hammered on Everclear.
  2. Try to talk in RP chat without the ** or [] surrounding parts.

Servers Effected

I’d think that drunkchat would disrupt global, too, thus preventing drunkchat from happening in global? Actually, deliberately invoking the bug with global might be a way to enforce no-drunkchat-in-global, but it still needs to be fixed for rp chat.

As far as I know, the alcohol/brewing plugin is not made by a Knockturn developer. Unless the developer of that plugin included a way to know when chat messages are scrambled that our plugins can listen for, there would be no foolproof way to interfere with the scrambling to ensure that it goes to the correct channel. I also have no insight on the chat plugin so I can’t say anything with 100% certainty xD