Dueling's latest feature: Spell Banning

Hi, Carter Bell here, the developer of the Dueling plugin (please spam me with bug reports, thanks). Recently with the 1.14 update, I added the ability for players to ban certain spells for the duration of a duel, in order to force the Confringo spammers to find some other spell to use. This is a short tutorial to show you all how you can start a duel with a certain number of spell bans.

So, the command remains basically the same. You start it with /duel and then the player’s name. However, you can now add an argument that specifies the amount of spell bans each player will receive before the duel begins, like so:

/duel Kuwa_ -spellbans:3

The most important part is the “-spellbans”, which tells the plugin that you want at least 1 spell ban per player, which is the default. The second part, “:3”, indicates that you want 3 bans. It is important that you include the colon here. The maximum is 10 bans per player (don’t know why you would need that many).

Once the challenge is accepted, you will enter a spell-banning phase in which the duelists take turns banning spells until the limit is reached. As the duel instructs you, you simply say the spell’s incantation in chat to ban it. Be speedy though, you have 30 seconds before it skips your ban. Also note that if one player bans a spell, neither of them can cast it until the duel has ended.

Finally, banning a spell means all spells that share the same functionality are also banned. This is really only applicable to groups of spells that all do the same thing, such as Flares or Player to Animal Transfiguration. Wew… no more pets for Pande >:D

That sums up this addition. Enjoy (or else) :V