Duelling at Hogwarts

So I have no idea if this will work but…

A large group of students stand around a poster in the enterence hall, some seem to be cheering, others seem to be groaning for it says;

The NEW Annual Hogwarts duelling event!

Next weekend, on the last weekend of the month, students will all compete in an epic duelling event!
The rules are as follows:

  1. You can go anywhere in Hogwarts as long as it isn’t forbidden or locked away.

  2. You can use any spell, as long as it isn’t going to kill the person you are duelling or is one of the unforgivable curses.

3.You can attack anyone, as long as they are from a different house.

  1. You can’t leave the castle.

  2. If you are beaten in a duel, you must or if you are knocked out, your opponent must press down on the centre of your duelling badge that you will be given on Friday.

To add to the rules, whenever you win a duel you win 5 points for your house and whichever house gets the most points by the end of the weekend wins 500 points!

If you don’t want to compete in this event, then all you have to do is stay in your common room and last of all, have fun!

-The Headmaster

So that’s the general idea of the role play, however a few things may happen to make it a little more entertaining :wink: . Anyway, most of the time you’ll duel NPC’s, however, if you want to duel someone else doing the rp, I’ll flip a coin to see who wins and then you can rp the fight!

And last, but not least, fill in this forum to join in! Don’t make you character to OP please.

RP Age:


How does duelling npcs work? otherwise sounds fun, huge hogwarts battle, unfair for lower years :slight_smile:

So, for NPC’s, you can either decide the fate of the battle yourself or ask someone to flip a coin for you :smiley: As for the lower years, you can just role play as an older one. Also, you will probably have 2 or 3 duels before I try and get everyone together and introduce a story… :wink:

Name: Bob Wood
RP Age: 16 (Year 6)
House: Gryffindor
Description: Bob is tall, has scruffy brown hair and always has a smile on his face. He has big green eyes and an angular face.
Personality: Bob is kind, jolly and tries not to upset anyone, however, duelling is one of his passions and he will always try his hardest doing it, even if it means upsetting someone.

Name: Caramel Williams
RP Age: 21 (Graduate)
House: Hufflepuff
Description: Caramel is a very innocent, kind & nice Hufflepuff who graduated from Hogwarts. c:
She went on to live in the muggle world to help heal and nurture the world & it’s inhabitants!
Personality: Kind, Loving, Caring, Pacifist, Adventurous, Optimistic & Nurtuting.

(So not many people have joined, but I’m going to start anyway in the hopes that some will join once we get started!)
11:15 pm, Friday night:
Bob sits in the Gryffindor common room, the fire blazing in front of him and the few others who were still awake. He thinks about the duelling contest and what spells he would use when suddenly, he hears footsteps and quickly turns around to see a group of people emerging from the dormitories, yawning and stretching. Behind them are the head boy and girl, hurrying them along to get ready to leave for the great hall. After two minutes, they begin to walk to the great hall, once there, they would have until 11:45 pm to plan and then have another 15 minutes to find a good place to hide or duel.

Bob enters the Great Hall with the other Gryffindors, sitting down at a table and pulling the wand out of a pocket on his robes. He looks at it for a second before putting it back in his pocket and gazing around at the other tired students until his eyes settle on a dark figure standing in the middle of the hall. He blinks and suddenly they are gone…