Earth Invasion Role-Play - Tiny Hoomans and Sneky Aliens

I read a book recently about aliens invading earth and I thought it might be cool to sorta use it to start as a base for a cool rp!


Aliens are described are human looking, however have shiny smooth scales from their neck, down their back to their waist. They wear cloths like humans, and have different skin tones. The aliens are classified into different ranks depending on their colour of scales, eyes and hair (which all match) There are four classes of Aliens, the first, most powerful class (alien leaders) is green and gold. Next is royal guards, which are red and black. Workers; blue and silver, and Peasants are brown and black.

the Aliens are only on earth to collect resources which they send back to their home planet. The also hunt humans for their blood, as human blood can be used in medicine for curing many of their population’s diseases.

Humans have built camps in forests away from big towns as to try to hide, but many humans still scour the wreckage of cities to recycle metals and find food and equipment. Most humans hate aliens, as they’ve all lost family to them.




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Name: Jupiter
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Alien: Royal Guard
Description: an alien with a scowl always plastered on her face, red-black hair, matching eyes and scales, her scales are pointed and sharp, much like her personality.

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I wanna join but I’m tiered so will tommorow.

Jupiter stood guard at the Transport ship gates, two bladed spear in hand, red runes etched into the black metal. Her pale features blank of emotion, her red eyes dull with boredom. It had been a long day, her legs were cramped from standing for hours. There’s never anything to do around the fortress, only work, work more work and some more work.

If only some humans would come mess something up so I had something to do

name: Astoria
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Hooman
Description: Astoria has short black hair that reaches her chin. Her eyes are pale blue and her skin is tan-ish. She doesn’t speak much but when she does she normally is irritated or angry. She doesn’t care for the survival of her kind as long as she lives.

name: Zena
Age: 12
Gender: female
Description: long red hair with orange eyes.
Is kind but really shy and usally just hides behind people.
(@Sofia can I be your sibling.)

Name| Dani.
Age| Sixteen.
Gender| Female (she/her).
Race| Hooman.
Description| Dani has straight, waist-length orange dyed hair, tan skin, amber eyes and she’s lean and tallish for her age. She’s sarcastic and somewhat hot-headed, and pretty pessimistic too, but she can be polite and mild-mannered when she wants to, which isn’t often.

(Sure but my character won’t be a very good sibling)

Name: Eadlyn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Alien- Leader (in training)
Description: An alien with green hair mixed with gold and green eyes with golden flecks in them, she is polite and poised at first glance but hides a ruthless sense of ambition and the intense desire to prove herself a capable future leader beneath her exterior; to her, her capabilities lie in her strength.

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