Elliander Lupin FROM: Slytherin TO: Hufflepuff

IGN: Loolooo
RP NAME: Elliander Lupin
YEAR: Fourth Year
NEW HOUSE: Hufflepuff
I should be a Hufflepuff. If I was able to retake the house exam, I would do it myself because I had someone else do it for me when I signed up with this account. I was placed in Slytherin because my only friends were Pandette and Clove at the time, and they’re both within the Slytherin house. I don’t personally see myself to compare with either of those two, nor anyone else within the house (with the exception of a few).

So I basically cheated my way into Slytherin, sure. You might be wondering: why Hufflepuff, then? Uhh, that’s a good question. I couldn’t supply direct information from any of the Harry Potter official documents (if I may), but I can tell you some other reasons. Comparing myself to the students of each of the houses, I would say I fit into Hufflepuff the most.

One of the best words I could use to describe myself is patient. Between the four total houses, I think most would agree that Hufflepuffs house the most patient of students. “How patient can this student be??” Well, I once waited for my Hot Pocket to cool all the way before even touching it. Not sure if this supports my case or not, but good lord that takes quite an amount of patience.

I believe I applied for the same house change in the past, which may have been a few years ago. I was approved for that, but don’t know why my house wasn’t actually changed. It could be the fact that I was inactive while being homeless, and I was forgotten as the days continued. Now that I’m back and live in a (by definition) “house,” I’d like to be housed with the other Hufflepuffs as well.

Thank you for your time.

(Must be at least 3 paragraphs. Must really summarize why you arent the other house and why you are the new house. Remember ALL FOUR HOUSE HEADS have to agree to you to move.)

This application has been accepted. Welcome to your new house!

Please be patient and wait for the transition of switching houses to take place.
Your in-game profile and house must be updated and your discord tag will need to be changed as well.
This will happen shortly :slight_smile:

You must be online in-game at the same time as a co-owner in order for this transition to happen.

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